New ZU Omen DEF Supreme

I believe the new model has been out a couple of months. Looks interesting. Basically all the available upgrades in a new model with a new plinth. Current Deal is $1000 off ($4999). I may consider trading in my ZU Omen Defs REV B from 2012. Zu offered a $2000 trade in (I know shipping will be a pain). 

Anyone else order a pair or even listened?

I know this is a great deal. However, shipping the trade-ins will be a huge pain. I'll have to give this some more thought
How does upgrading what you have compare to the new model less your trade in plus shipping? Aren’t the full range drivers and cabinet the same (and already broken in)? It might be nice to get a a different color or a new paint job, but shipping is always a pain. Maybe if you think about it you’ll conclude you actually need a second pair.