New Zu Audio Soul Supreme Speakers

Hey All,

Just got a new set of Soul Supremes...finally after a long wait to match up with my Undertone. All in American Walnut!

Still getting used to the sound - good, detail, imaging and dynamics. But have noticed what seems like some slight quality control and/or consistency issues.

My Undertone has great looking veneer, but came with a non trivial gash in the veneer. Zu was cool enough to create a small discount for the issue to apply to my Soul Supremes. The speakers then, came with some small but questionable changes to the construction. Instead of clean looking buttoned screws for the connector plate that is used on all other products...they use larger Philips head screws that don’t seat flush. Im told from Zu thats the new standard? Also the veneer doesn’t seem to match the quality previously used on the Undertone.

Anyone else recently picked up speakers from Zu and having the same experiences?

Congrats on your new speakers. Zu speakers offer great value for the money, are efficient, and have a sound that is amicable to many followers. When I auditioned, they just did not mesh with my own predilections on sound.

Blemishes aside, it will be interesting to see how your break in goes and how the sound improves.

What’s wrong with the cabinet? All I see is knots within the veneer which is normal for wood. From what you stated, I am interpreting that you said your Undertone had the blemish issue, perhaps you can post a pic or two of the Undertone with the blemish, or highlight the portion of the pics you posted that have the blemish if it is this speaker.

Why don’t we all say the excuse given for everything and anything regarding quality control, negligence and lack of personal responsibility these days:

Those screws look like the silver lube-coated decking screws from the hardware store. 
In the non-counter-sunk holes they really stand out, like cheap, mismatched substitutes.
The Zu site shows stainless or satin chrome, allen-head cap screws.
It does make one wonder what else they did to save a few bucks.
Very disappointing! 
I have many Zu cables and have always been very happy with the quality, but this is a little disturbing.
I wouldn't expect it on $1,000 Dirty Weekends, let alone the $4,500, base price Soul Supremes.
>>Not trying to argue with ya Phil...but id have to say 'US-made' materials and supply chains aren't immune to covid issues.  Acutally Id hazard a guess they're far more fragile and susceptible to disruptions than the state-run industries of China.  Sadly<<

My point wasn't that US made wood products are immune from COVID supply chain disruptions. They are; especially anything that can be used in consumer products and construction. But the supply chain for Zu's cabs is a relatively short one, improving the odds. I can't see the problem via the photos but I am sure Zu can make it right for you.

Well, at least the screws are on the back of the speaker and you don't have to view them on a regular basis. You should not have to but you can always swap them out for the correct screw heads etc.
Regardless, congratulations your speakers will sound great :-)