New Zu Audio Soul Supreme Speakers

Hey All,

Just got a new set of Soul Supremes...finally after a long wait to match up with my Undertone. All in American Walnut!

Still getting used to the sound - good, detail, imaging and dynamics. But have noticed what seems like some slight quality control and/or consistency issues.

My Undertone has great looking veneer, but came with a non trivial gash in the veneer. Zu was cool enough to create a small discount for the issue to apply to my Soul Supremes. The speakers then, came with some small but questionable changes to the construction. Instead of clean looking buttoned screws for the connector plate that is used on all other products...they use larger Philips head screws that don’t seat flush. Im told from Zu thats the new standard? Also the veneer doesn’t seem to match the quality previously used on the Undertone.

Anyone else recently picked up speakers from Zu and having the same experiences?

The "new screws" remind me of a George Gobel quote...

"Did you ever get the feeling that the world was a tuxedo and you were a pair of brown shoes?"

Odd choice considering the aesthetical efforts they obviously take with their products.

Yeah, no. Absolutely not acceptable.

Those are not the correct screw. It looks like they ran out of the button-head and just used whatever matching set they could find.

Bummer, I was going to put a deposit down on some Dirty Weekends
I am more than reasonably certain this is a supply chain issue.

I have spoken with a half dozen manufacturers in as many industries in the past two weeks who cannot source their usual spec'd screws for products, and are making substitutions that aren't to their normal cosmetic standard. Very few are made in the US. So we get what's available in the combined trade war / COVID19 era.

I will check in with Sean and circle back. The veneer looks fine, btw.


I would think the same thing...although they have the screws lol

But I do think thats an argument for the veneer.  The grain definition and coloring is missing compared to other Zu products I’ve seen including my own sub.  Looks lower grade ...maybe a different supplier

Thanks Ill be calling them Monday

I cannot determine via the photos that there is anything substandard in the veneer. The cabs, engineered wood and veneering are entirely US-made and I haven't seen anything substandard happening there.