New Zanden USB DAC

Was at CES 2016 recently and spent sometime at the Zanden demo room. Had a nice long chat with Yamada san, who was present. Sound in that room was best in the show IMHO opinion. And I was really excited by a new DAC that is in beta prototype stage. It uses the new Zanden chassis like the integrated amp, uses ESS Sabre chip, has USB input, can handle 32/384kHz PCM and DSD256. We listened to the setup using this DAC and it is really very good. I still have my Zanden 5000 Mk IV DAC and now an Allnic D5000 DAC and I really like the new Zanden DAC. Spent sometime trying to convince Yamada san to make the new DAC compatible up to 32/784kHz and DSD512. I like using HQPlayer and upsampling to DSD 512.  Anyway, just wanted to alert Zanden fans to watch out for this new DAC. BTW, the targeted price quoted to me for this new DAC would make it very competitive and a steal, IMHO.