Somehow the messages for Upstate NY have been lost. The Audiogon Staff asked that I start it agian.

Here we go...If you have an interest, post a message and state where you are. If there is enough interest, maybe we can get something going at some point.

I am in the Syracuse area.
I'm also in Syracuse area. (Camillus)
Let me know when the first meeting is and I would like to join in. I'm in Virgil just down the road from Greek Peak ski resort.

I'm in the Rochester, NY area and would like to see at least a discussion group. As Syracuse has Plainville Farms that would count as automatic inclusion as Buffallo would be.
As an offside I would love to see the definitions of "Upstate NY."
Hi i'm Tommy, just getting started. But i would love to hear what i'm missing. ( N. Syracuse )
Well, we have 6 people which seems like a perfect number to get started. What are we waiting for?
Well we are the Audio six which will change as members come and go.
As we enter this do we wish distinction between : tube vs SS, vintage vs new, modified vs non modifies, analog vs digital?
Those are not critical questions, but will help with a feeling of what we like.
Geographically, where would we like boudaries? (Personally, I'm happy with Plainville Farms for lunch or dinner in Depew. (Turkey lover)

again, all I post are my own opinions. So:
I like vintage tubve, but also some SS.
Some mods have been done but mainly to keep in spec.
I like the debates over analog vs digital.

My main theory is that there is no perfect system. We all have different hearing curves, we all have different budgets and musical tastes. So what I have is not what I would call perfection. If a system sounds good to a person, that is what counts and no pouncing on anyone for someting they own.
Win whl248
Hello, I'm in Tonawanda, just outside of Buffalo. I am a seasoned newbie, over a year into this, would not mind being a part of this discussion group, as long as we keep a lid on the Bills, at least for now.
Well, who wants to be the responsible party to get the ball rolling? Do we want to meet?
Do we want to have a get together over dinner?
Well, it looks like we hover in Central/Western NY. I have very limited time to play these days, but I will toss in my thoughts...

Maybe to get the ball rolling, we should try to meet for dinner, somewhere between Syracuse & Rochester? We could chat about who uses what equip, music preferences, experiences in buying/demo-ing gear, what we are looking to do as a group etc.

Please post your thoughts.

If anyone has the time to coordinate/contact those who are interested, feel free to step up to the plate.
Okay, I've seen two replies come to my inbox.

My opinion is setting some criteriea BEFORE we drive numerous miles to meet and then be not too happy as it is not what we want or expect.

In my last post I mentioned some criteria for what may be desired. If acceptable, why not go through that and see.

I have McIntosh and Scott tube equipment, with some McIntosh, Yamaha, Adcom, NAD, and Technics SS.

Within the above, I have full separates, tuner/pre-amps, and Receivers. I tend toward 2 channel and if I want to listen to better sound that HT, I can run my Television audio through my two channel.

Speakers: Klipsch is my main source, Paradigm Mini-Monitors with PDR 10 sub.

What I would like to get from an Audio club is good dicussion of equipment, new ideas and a sharing of resources and ideas.

With that, I would ask all to post/contact me and we go forward. We have 3 interested by posts this month. There were another 3 that I would like to hear from. (Can you tell I've chaired many meetings?).

I am in Rochester, by the airport, a Crime/Loss Prevention Specialist and have given seminars regarding tube audio, tube values and such. I do not sell or promote any systems, I have my own 3 way - door sensors, PIRs, and trigger alarma if a piece is disconnected or lited. So there is no hidden agenda.

Okay now let's answer the questions, hear from the others and get moving.
I am just below Syracuse. So I am okay just about anywhere you would like to meet. First, lets pick sometime in February. That gets the holidays over with and gives everyone time to jump on board and make plans. Lets pick the city for dinner when we have everyones attention and commitment. We will figure a place that is equal distance for everyone to travel.
You have to admit that we share a unique hobby that is not equally enjoyed by most. We are a rare breed. With that said. I am commiting to do this. I don't have a calander handy so if someone does when they are reading this, find what Saturday is in the middle of the month of February and post it. Now who's in?
Okay we are now 3. We have a start. A suggestion of the first Saturday in February has been made with equi-distance traveling.
Three of us have shown support for the formation. Mention of not frequent meetings has been mentioned - As I have chaired many Committees, I hold the thought of regular meetings without a good reason to be true.

Will all others intersested drop me an e and we can go a little farther and look at an agenda and meeting place.

I thank all that have responded so far and request the numerous others to venture out and contact me.

To all I wish the best of Holiday Seasons, a hope and a note for true Peace on Earth and may it happen as through a Miracle so that Family Members will be home. All of these tidings extend to not only the Posters but their Family and loved ones as well.

I have received 3 answers, we are not esoteric. I believe that we can all learn from each other.

The first Saturday in February for a lunch has been offered as a first time meeting. Where to be determined, but we will try for equal travel distance.

As I read these threads a number from Syracuse have shown interest. We extend an invitation to you and Buffalo Residents. This will not only a learning group but review products, come up with different mods or tweaks. Not only can we benefit in knowledge but can "co-op" buying so that some needed things can be bought at a lowerprice by buying a number of units all at once. Please make contact soon - just a line to show interest There is sense in at least 1 meeting, then email contacts and meet only when there is a good reason.

So for all that posted, we're doing what all of you posted that you want. Come on out of the woodwork. This sounds very good in those that replied to me. Contact me ASAP! There will be passing no judgements or criticism. Comparisons we may do, but there is the learning factor. Contact me or for courtesy decline. It's up to you.
Whl248, I might be able to make it on the seventh of Feruary. I do work a shift schedule 24-7. I have not checked next years schedule out, if I am working, this is a good excuse for a vacation day. This stuff sure as h beats work. I used to live in Rochester 10 years ago, so anyplace is fine with me. Nothing too formal would be appreciated. Maybe we could try someplace near the Henrietta or Victor exits off of the 90. I will pay attention to the postings and e-mail when something comes. Let me what comes up and thanks for the extroidinary effort.
Hello gents,

I would be very interested in getting together with my CNY neighbors to discuss hi-fi gear, music, etc. If a February 2004 meeting in Rochester is still in the cards, please keep me posted! I live in Syracuse and am currently running a SET-based rig in my home.

Happy New Year to all :-)


Sorry for no posts/replies, have had pneumonia.

If we need a leader I will volunteer. Looking forward to this.


Get rest and drink lots-o-fluids.

Thanks again for taking the lead.

I and possibly 2 more that I have communicated with are in.

Keep us posted.


Hey all, Saturday 2-7 can be ok with me. I will be coming off of my last midnight shift. I can probably leave work at 4am, get about 6hrs sleep and I'm good to go. I live in Tonawanda, Buffalo area, so anything close to the Henn. or Victor exits is fine. I would not mind someplace in Victor, might as well check the Analog Shop out while I'm there. Anybody have any suggestions. Please post or email. Thanks.

It looks like 2/7 is a good day.

now we have where - by majority
topics - open forum
components - have had or thinking of getting
points of meeting after 2/7 - observe, listen to systems

General Rule: as long as it sounds good to the owner, that's what's counts. We all have our own hearing curve. No system should have nrgative comments. If the person wishes an opinion, only positive, constructive.

Equipment for sale or trade - members have first choice at the lowest price before eBay or any other sales venue.

Comments, ideas are welcome to better the "club." A name would also be fun.

Get back to me.
Anyone not frozen or snow bound please post so we can at least get an idea of how many are interested.
I'm sorry for the late post. I'll be in sunny fla on that weekend. I've had enough snow for a while. I hope everyone has a good time though. Don't forget to post how it was.

It looks like I will be able to make it on Feb 7th as well. I will be coming from Syracuse, most likely with another hi-fi fan. Have we established a meeting place in/near Rochester?


Okay, I seemed to have missed where. Are we going to meet somewhere in the middle? I am south of Syracuse, I certainly don't want to drive to Buffalo:-)
Good chance I can make it on the seventh, next Saturday. Sometime after 12, 1pm would be fine. Would like to get something set up by Tuesday. Lets go for some place from the Victor exit. It'll take me about an hour and a half to get there, which is not a problem. Any other suggestions, please post. Thanks.
Everyone that is interested should send an email to WHL248 (don't just post it here.) He has been kind enough to take the lead and attempt to coordinate this gathering.

In an email earlier this week, he implied that the 1st mtg may be in the Syracuse area..

Anyone had enough snow yet?
My email has been down for 2 days and should be back up on Thursday. Does anyone have any info?

Are we on for this wknd?

Win, anyone?...Hello???

If anyone has an update, please post it here.


I apologize for no contact/posting. I have had a family member in the Intensive Care Unit, she passed at 2:04 A.M.
I will not be able to make the meeting due to Funeral Arrangements.
Is there another date that would fit?
Thanks and apologies,
My condolences to you and your family. Not a problem. We should make this event right and not rush on any account. If anyone has any suggestions ?
How many of us are within a 50 mile range of Syracuse? This group seems to be going nowhere fast. I can't help believe that there might be too great of a distance between the central NY and western NY people. If we have enough in the 50 mile range of Syracuse, or if people outside that range are interested. Lets get this going.We can meet for lunch somwhere in Syracuse, and then hit a store or two. Isn't there one in Liverpool? I know Clark's, and we could go there. But I am just going to juice them up for a sale and then leave. I guess I didn't look the part the last time I was there. I had 5 grand to spend on speakers, but I was wearing jeans and a jean coat. They treated me like crap. Twice!!
But seriously, lets get going. If we are waiting for someone to make a decission, I have no problem doing so. People??
Thank you for thoughts and condolences.

Now all we have left are memorial thank yous and a "tribute" for our local paper.

I am about 79 miles from Syracuse. I agree to do it right. I am open to ideas.
Hello fellow audio lovers, Just came across your dicussion group. Didnt know there was much interest in Audio gear and music in Upstate NY. I live in Rome NY and I have a decent system(levinson,Maggies,Mit etc) but not aware of too many places to listen to good gear and meet people that speak "Audio". Have you all had a meeting or is there a club or get together? Went to Clark Music but was disappointed! Any other places with good gear available?
We have not had a meeting as of yet - it has had to due with circumstances connected to me - a funeral and some tests I have had to have that became more immediate.

I have my calendar free now.

From what I have been sent and by the posts, this group is geared to meeting each other, discussing the pros and cons of audio - accuracy, timbre, life span of components, and many other areas. We will keep in mind hearing curve differentials, space and size relations, tube vs Solid State, etc., all with no idea to decide tube is best, SS is better - there are too many variables.

So for a first meeting, we have people from Syracuse, Buffalo, Rochester and all of their surrounding areas. Since I live in Rochester, it would not be fair for me to decide the first meeting place.

Rome is within Upstate New York, so there is no problem with anyone from that area.

The first meeting would focus on what we own, feel, want to own and sharing knowledge as opinions, as they would be that. I have worked with sound for 30+ years, - home, Recording: live or studio and all that you learn coming up the ranks.

For all: how does the last Saturday in February or the first Saturday in March sound? Also cast your ballot for location.
I should be ok with either date. Any location between Syracuse and Rochester is best for me.
I would think that closest to the middle of all those attending would be the most fair.
Let me know. I am willing to drive 45min. to 1 hour to meet everyone.
Audio Classics in Vestel. The most Mcintosh gear you have ever seen in one bldg.
I am in Middleport NY. In between rochester and buffalo.
No offesnive to anyone, but it seems like we are having quite a bit of difficulty getting off the ground. Perhaps it would be easiest if we were to split into two groups - Syracuse (Onondaga County)and Western NY? I think that we would have a better chance of actually getting together if folks did not have to make plans to drive 1 hour or more for a meeting. A get-together would be be more accessible if folks only had to allot a couple hours of their time (drive to the meeting, meet and drive home,) then arrange their schedule to accomodate a half day event.

I live in Syracuse and I am pretty sure there are a couple of other audio nuts from this area who have posted here. Is there anyone from Syracuse/Onondaga County who would be willing to take the reigns and set up a time/location for a first meeting? I really don't have the time at the moment, but if there are no volunteers than I will do it. I suggest that we meeting during the next 2 weeks at a non-audio facility like a restaurant or pub etc. I propose a non-audio location because the only audio merchant in town is Clark's and I figure that meeting there would not be condusive to a good time :-)

If some/any of these ideas sound good to you, please respond to this forum. If you are from the Syracuse area and want to contact me directly about getting together, please feel free:



1) Anyone still interested?
2) Anyone hear from Win?
3) Anyone contact pdl?
I am a 30 miles south of Syracuse. I would like to get together. I will even initiate the process if anyone wants to do this.
Just a note to all who showed any type of interest. It has been a good dream. Maybe next year we can work this out. As for me. It is boating season in 1 month. I will be unavailable again until late fall.
I live on my boat on the weekends and I don't use a computer on the boat. Now if I could get the wife to leave the cell phone home, That would be the cake!
Just wondering if a home theater crowd would be interested in the Rochester NY area.
is there anything happening here for upstate guy to do(syracuse)
Well, it is that time of year again, and I just covered the boat for the winter. If anyone has any "INTERESTING" ideas for us to do, I would be anxious to join in.
Cortland, NY
Have you been able to get together yet?

I live in Ithaca.


It has been 2 years and nothing (that I am aware of) has happened.

Interest runs hot and cold, but nothing seems to get off of the ground.

I personally do not have the time to lead the parade.

In the past, members; "" (Bflo area) and "Whl248" (Roch area ?) both seemed enthusiastic at one point, to steer the ship and plan a gathering.

I and others in the CNY area have expressed some interest in participating. If someone wants to try to arrange a 1st get together, please chime in.
This fellow audionut lives in Latham ( Albany, NY ) and travels on business to Utica and Syracuse monthly. Also travel to the Mid Hudson valley area ( Newburgh/Pok ) Sometimes even have time to listen to the big rig! Am very interested in becoming involved in an audio club and sharing info, knowledge, gear. Can host meetings at Latham home. Thanks.
Are you still interested? I am in Glens Falls, enjoy listening to most kinds of music. Have High end systems. email me at
Best Regards
Sorry, I am about to move to Minnesota. Maybe someone else is interested. Good Luck.
Hello... I m coming to this forum late and notice that many of the replies are old... I am in Syracuse. Is there a local group in existance at this time? I would be interested.

I am not overly "techy" I just enjoy good sound...

Current system includes Krell KAV 250a & 250p, Cambridge Audio 840 CDP and B&W matrix 804 speakers...

Hello Upstate NY audio members. I am in Rome NY area (Less than an hour from Syracuse) anyone else out there? My system is Mark Lev 333, ML 380S, Transparent XL cables, Sony SCD 777es cd player and Martin Logan Quest Z speakers.