New York, New York - Audio Stores?????

I know this question has been posted before but I cannot seem to find the answer. I am traveling to New York city soon and plan to hit a few of the big audio stores. What are the premium Hi-end audio stores in New York City? Thank you for your help.

Manhattan Lyric,Sound by Singer, StereoExchange.
Sound by Singer. It is on 16th St. I believe.
Stereo Exchange - Broadway just north of Houston. See if Vince still works there - he was very helpfull to me.
Also, INNOVATIVE - 58 and Lexington.
Gregadd's three listings, plus Innovative Audio at 58th and Third Ave. (it's a bit hard to find because it is downstairs -- go to southwest corner of 58th and Third, walk west on 58th, and look for their flag).
Bigkidz be da man. great site. Dan, that be a great list. if you go to Sound by Singer, don't hold your breath on hearing the big Jmlab Utopias, less you wear an Armani suite while flashing your Patek Philipe. peace, warren
I've never been but judging from their ads EarsNova looks interesting. They're in Manhattan and have ads in both the latest Stereophile and TAS.
Cannot forget Rhapsody Music and Cinema on 24th street between 5th and 6th ... Bob is a GREAT person to talk to and work with.
Re:Ears Nova
The owner is a bit of a character but if you're looking for a proper demo and knowledgeable staff its worth a visit.
I have had a positive experience dealing with Sound by Singer in New York.

Richard (in San Francisco)
I was treated quite shabbily by Lyric Hi-fi. I would steer clear of the Manhattan store.
All the NYC shops can treat you shabbily -- New Yorkers work in them.

Don't take it personally.
There is a shop in New York City that has the word "Innovation" in the title, something like, Audio Innovations. There is one in Brooklyn Heights, on the main commercial street in Brooklyn Heights just a couple blocks from the river. There is also one in mid-town Manhattan, I think on the east side. I have been to each of these stores several times and always well treated.

Generally speaking, my experience is like many hobbiests that high end audio shops are on average much less welcoming than almost any other type of shopping experience. I think they get frustrated with people who visit them often and then just buy used on the net, or they imagine that people are doing that and then they get angry.... But these shops were rude before the internet was popular, so perhaps I'm being too generous in making excuses for them.

Innovative Audio
Actually The New York Saleman has become much nicer over the last couple of years. And even willing to discount.
The Reason ? The Economy, and Audiogon. Seriously.
Don't forget In Living Stereo on E. 4th. Jonathan is very knowledgable and helpful even for someone who is just visiting.
Thank you everyone. I will let you know how it goes!!!
I second Living Stereo. Jonathan was just as interested in my current system as in anything he was selling. And I also was just visiting the city.
In Living Stereo.
Anyplace but Sound by S.....!
I was really happy with the change in attitude at In Living Stereo. They weren't so nice when I went the first time. Much better last summer.
For some strange reason I have always been treated well at Sound By Singer. Maybe I lucked out with the salesman, his name was Dave.
I must agree " IN LIVING STEREO " may be the best & most friendly shop in New York !
EarsNova is definitely the worst dealer in N.Y , and may be the country. Me & my friend were looking to addition Vandersteen Qutros . I live in N.Y he lives in N.J but we both work for the same company & share the same hobby HiFi & music.So i call earsnova if it is possible to addition this speaker with my amps (cyber 800) & my preamp (TacT 2.0). The person an the other line gladly agree.Called my friend to help me with all this stuff and off we want.Us soon us we arrive the owner ask me if I am series & if I don't mine paying fool price.He intergate me for about 45 min. In the mid time me , my friend and very nice guy that work there are setting everything up. Then i mention another dealer that i deal with & still do .Then he start bad mouthing the guy for selling some chines equipment.At the end he started criticising my stuff & my philosophy about dealer , buyer relationship. I packed my stuff went to N.J without having a chance to addition the speakers witch I late both in N.J. I will ever ever go there or recommend this place to anyone even my enemies . From my own ( VERY VERY VERY BAD )experience.
I've had experiences where dealers decided I was probably going to just use them for demo and then buy on the internet. In every case they were wrong, but, maybe they are just tired of being burned and overly cautious? I AM very active on the internet - much more so than with dealers - but I never use a dealers time unless I am serious about buying from them.

In the mean time, the dealers that treated me this way lost opportunities for sales. Fair enough, that's their choice.

There was one particularly weird case where a local dealer sales rep confided in me that all of their staff treat me badly at that shop because once I borrowed gear from them for demo and then bought it used on the internet instead of buying from them. But I NEVER did that! Freakin weird. They went out of business fairly quickly, so maybe they were just in some kind of final upheavel....

Oh yeah, as for New York City, I've had fine experiences at Innovative and Singer. I can't say about the others.
Found a very nice people in N.J (Audio connections)(there is another nice guy or two in Jersey but my experience with theme is very limited) & Pennsylvania (Quest for Sound). If you asked me , is it worth to drive 1.5H or even 2.5H. ABSOLUTELY !!!! I have had it with N.Y hyenas !
I guess if you wanted to be treated nice & with respect there is only one way to do it in New York . As soon as you arrive at the store take your VISA Platinum unlimited and say please take my money. From New Yorker.