New York City Speaker Cable Retermination

I'm in New York City (manhattan), and I need to get a pair of speaker cables reterminated, and I'd rather deal with someone locally to avoid time delay and shipping expense.

Specifically, I need a shotgun cable reterminated so it's a regular cable with just two spades on each end.

I've been on the web and called around a bit, and basically get puzzled silence. Any ideas on a local NYC outfit I can use?
Sound by Singer
Not a difficult project, save $ and try Canal Audio, they're a pro-audio/DJ shop on the north side of Canal street at 353 or 334 Canal(between Church and Broadway)and should be able to do the change or they'll have parts and show you how. They have shrink wrap and snake skin, bulk cable, connectors, speaker elements, kits, racks.
Beautiful-- I know Canal Audio and live close by. Love the guys at Singer but the idea was to avoid undue expense . . .

What cable is this?
Sound by Singer or Lyric can probably help you for $10,000 or so -- which is very reasonable.

After all, it is a BUSINESS and they do have EXPENSES?!?!

In my experience, is a good guy, reasonably priced and straightforward in all of his dealings.

He has done some semi custom work for me so might also be able to help.