New York City,,,,hello

C'mon guys,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,this is only the wealthiest most influetial city in the whole damn country. Where's the club? I know there's got to be hundreds of you guys out there from New York. Help me out here!
New York Audio society, Bob Kreisler president, Based in Flushing,Queens. E-mail me for details. Also Ive started a club in Suffolk county, Greenlawn Audio-video society. contact me for details @
Hello NYC A'goners - know of a cost effective place to buy packaging material (boxes, bubble wrap & the like) in the city? I need to pack up an old McIntosh preamp for overseas shipment. I find "Mail Boxes etc" too pricey.
I went to The Container Store on 6th av and 19th st and bought everything I needed (including foam corner pads) for about $20-$30 if I remember...It was nice, everything you need. Check out their website for prices and products.

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Wolf Paper & Twine, now on West 20th Street of 6th Ave is the cheapest, best place for packing materials. Period.

The Gotham City Audio Society meets monthly in New York City.
For further information write us at or call our hot line 212-629-1933.