new york city audio show 2018

it doesn't look they have enough exhibitors to run a show,  unless one of the nyc dealers gets involved.

how the mighty have fallen. we have plenty of new hotels(rooms)

@birdyboy Justin, Looking forward to the show. Thanks for taking the effort to hold it.
As thankful as I feel about the resurrected NYC shows, they've proven among the worst I’ve attended. As I reported in many threads here, last year’s was particularly bad, with a incredibly small number of rooms and outside of a few outliers, poor sound. Even more scary is to find myself as one of the very few people under geriatric age, let alone 50. The overall lack of energy, excitement, and quality sent me home feeling sad about what’s come of this business.

The only other show in my overall worst is the Capital Audio Fest, which has improved to the point of becoming a decent enough venue
Anyone go?  Would be fun to share impressions.

WRT the amount of shops in NY, there are certainly more than 2 (though way less than before) - Singer, Audio Exchange, In Living Stereo, Park Ave, Innovative, Noho Sound, etc.  
I went.  I think the Park Lane is a horrible venue, tight rooms, tight hallways.  More "new" brands trying to establish themselves.  I personally was not that impressed by more than half the rooms.  And, prices seem to have skyrocketed!    One vendor wanted 15k for a piece of curved wood you put between your speakers for some sort of effect.  

The Vinnie Rossi room with Harbeth speakers was by far the best room and you could do the whole room for under 50k

ps: yes, we have to find a way to get younger folks involved, although they think their iphones sound good..........