New Yes Remasters?

I heard on a local radio station that Rhino may be remastering the next batch of Yes albums which should include "Close To the Edge" amd "Topographic Oceans."
Anyone hear anything on this?
Yes, I got mines at my local Borders store. The have a "Remastered" logo on the cover. Enjoy them, Hector.
I bought Fragile and The Yes Album recently

the recording level is much higher and it is more resolving than the older Atlantic Remasters

you can tell these apart by the bonus cuts

a nice addition

can't wait for Going For The One

What do you think is the difference between the Joe Gastwirt remasters & Rhino?
You can order them off the band website, yesworld; 'Close to the Edge' and 'Relayer' are fantastic. The difference in the re-masters is that these finals were approved by Chris Squire, and released with the band's blessing!
The next batch from Close To The Edge through to Going For The One were supposed to be out about 6 weeks ago here in the UK.
My local record store told me that they were delayed due to the band being unable to agree what extra tracks made it onto these releases.
I assume these are CD's and not vinyl? Anyone here in the loop about remasted LP's? I would love to see "Close To The Edge" "Tales From Topographic Oceans" and "Going For The One" on 180g...?
I'm in line behind slipknot1. Where can I get these on vinyl???
Slipknot1 and Nrchy, I have not found any pressings of "Tales" that are any better than the first UK pressing. It is my least favorite of the Yes catalog, aside from "Revealing", so I am a bit biased. A larger Yes fan you will not likely find, though. I haven't a clue with respect to re-mastered quality of "Going for the One".

CTTE, is an ultimate classic and finding an early UK Atlantic K50012 pressing is the very best. Better than MSFL and Japanese versions by a long shot, IMHO. The mix is better and more of what you'll remember of YES concerts (if you can remember). The US first pressing, Atlantic SD7244, SUCKS in comparison. The Japanese version is quiter but the the sonics, IMO, are shallow. The MSFL version is bloated, to say the least.

If you want a real treat, find the plum label Atlantic versions of "Album" and "Fragile". I was fortunate to find some of the very earliest pressing of these albums and the sonics are shockingly superior to ANYTHING else. Squire's bass riffs are so damn realistic you can actually hear the subtle variations as he B E N D S those strings. You've not heard "South Side of the Sky" unless you've heard that pressing.

Please, pass on the CD's if vinyl is at all an option. The digital versions pale terribly in comparison.

I have the entire YES catalog in pdf format, including all LP's, singles, promos, magazine articles, CD's etc. through 2002. E-mail me if you want a copy.
WOW, there are more Yes fans than I figured. Here is a link to the Yes catalog that can be downloaded. Kudos to Paul Cobb for going to this massive amount of effort. The catalog is now updated through 2003!!!! At 313 pages I doubt you'll find a more comprehensive list of YES stuff.

With respect to the newer CD's. I think that the remaster of "Fragile", while better than the Atlantic remaster, is not very good at all, especially considering the crucial bass lines which are an absloute foundation on this record (Squire nod or no). They did a better job with "Album" but still vastly inferior to vinyl. CTTE, to me, while still better than the Atlantic CD is just too damn brittle. The texture in CTTE is paramount and the CD just don't have it! At least to me.
Sorry guys talking CD only-I always refer to any format as albums as well-throw back to when it was only vinyl.
No prob, Ben. The orignal poster was referring to CD is referring to Rhino. My bad, actually.

Driver, in retrospect, I think the Joe Gastwirt remasters are all actaully superior to Rhino's except for "Album" with about a tie with respect to "CTTE".
4yank - thanks for your vinyl input

and I just had won a japanese pressing lp of CTTE on ebay last week and GFTO a month ago

I think the Yes album new Rhino cd remaster is absolutely fabulous. I bought a Japanese cd of Going For the One and it is light years better than the Atlantic remaster from a few years back, much more detail and dynamics.

I recently splurged on a Nottingham Spacedeck and can't wait to hear this stuff again in all it's vinyl splendor

so how rare are the first issue british lps?
couldn't they take one of those and reburn the lathe for it?
Certainly YEs deserves 180 g remastering for it's classic years

Tom, the earliest red/plum UK Atlantic versions of "Album" and "Fragile" show up from time to time on E-Bay and generally finish at somewhere between $25-60, depending on condition. You can find one sometimes on and they are almost always offered by UK dealers. In such cases, my advice is to ask specific questions regarding vinyl condition and surface noice because I have often found the standard UK desciption of EX (excellent) to be highly variable.

I, too, would have interest in 180/200g remasters on LP. As far as reburn the original lathes, I haven't a clue.
The next 3 in the series Tormato,Drama and 90125 are now out in the UK-I bought them yesterday.
I just got "The Yes Album" and it sounds great. I'm a big fan of remasters. Many of the 60's and early seventies classics were poorly done on cd originally. Almost all of the remasters I've got have been a big improvement over the original release. Not perfect, but good music.
Wildoats I have the whole set,look out for a review of the whole series coming to Audiogon sometime soonish.