New Years Resolution .......

For the next month I am only going to listen to a full album before I move to the next artist / group . I have literally not listened to a full album in over ten years . Pretty much just hit shuffle on my Sony HapZ1es. 
My resolution is to take no resolutions, except to live each day like the last, then why a resolution? 
I find that 99% of the time with vinyl I listen to the whole album....with streaming, not so much.  

     Uh-oh!  I've been living every day as if it's my first.

    Woops. I don't want to stop now just because I got it a tiny bit wrong!

    It's really been a lot of fun thus far because there are none of those pesky, party pooping qualifiers like "as long as it's legal", "as long as nobody gets hurt", "as long as it's consensual" and "as long as All the zoo animals aren't let loose", etc.
     Shoot, now that I'm thinking about all the fun things I've been doing, maybe a few qualifiers wouldn't hurt, they might somewhat moderate the downside of living by this motto.