New Year, New Music


any epic releases, any genre, slated in 2016?
Radiohead possibly...

This looks like a sick year for new releases!!!

 I'm really excited for : Radiohead
                                  Mutual Benefit (if you don't know this band , check out their stunning album called Loves Crushing Diamond)
                                  The Shins
                                  Sigur Ros
                                  Bon Iver   (super excited if this happens!!!!!)
                                  Real Estate (There last album was a favorite of the year)
                                  Band Of Horses 
Also,  Beck, Damien Jurado
Many Thanks! for sharing- toddnkaya.
a few more ..
U2 ,meh,
Ryan Adams,  (see the album Gold)
Animal Collective
The Cave Singers (Alt Country, See their great album from 2011 called No Witch
check out this song to see if you like.
Jeff Buckley  (See the album Grace) !!
Grandaddy   ( I love one of the the singers from this group, Jason Lytle, see the great album called Dept. Of Disapperance )
Marc Kozelek from the band Sun Kill Moon (see album called Benji, many consider it a masterpiece )
My Morning Jacket( see their great album from last year called Waterfall, then check out Z)
Gorillaz   (See lead singer's last album , Damon Albarn's called Everyday Robot) My favorite album of the year 2014
So a few more I'm looking forward to and a few great, IMHO, albums to check out.     Todd
Great to hear that My Morning Jacket is putting out another one this year. 
Excellent !
The Bowie "Blackstar" is incredible. The uninformed are calling it "Jazz", but it sits firmly in the lap of Prog with an uncanny likeness to Van der Graaf Generator.

Tedeschi Trucks Band - Let me get by

Bonnie Raitt - Dig in Deep

Lucinda Williams - Ghosts of Highway 20

I too would be excited about "Bon Iver" release.
Thanks! for sharing- r_burke!
Mount Moriah "How To Dance"
Rogue Wave "Descended Like Vultures"
Big Thief "Masterpiece"

Keep the new releases in 2016 a'coming...
I liked the Bowie disc as well.
jafant, What do you bring to (you)'er thread? I've been watching this site for quite a while. What I've noticed from you is, you are a great "cheerleader". Nothing new comes forth.
I'd love to read something new that you bring to the discussions?


Some are doers, some are takers. Which are you? WE all need to ask this of ourselves.
Here's some Contemporary Electric Instrumental Music, some may call it Jazz Fusion, I just consider them to be smokin' musical experiences!;)

Dean Brown - Rolajafufu
The Funky Knuckles - New Birth
Oz Noy - Who Gives A Funk?
Sao Paulo Ska Jazz - Gringo
Scott Kinsey - Near Life Experience
Snarky Puppy - Culcha Vulcha
Gary Willis - Larger Than Life

Anyone with an iTunes account can sample this music and I very strongly recommend that you do so!  Give it a shot, what have you got to lose!?;)

Hi @chazro - Thanks for those recommendations. I'll be checking them out on Spotify.  Already found "Gringo".  Definitely a fan of instrumental music and fusion when it is well done.  

Here are a couple for you in a somewhat similar vein.  Hopefully new:
Jaga Jazzist
     A Living Room Hush
     One Armed Bandit
Medeski, Martin & Wood (posted about this elsewhere)
     Friday Afternoon In The Universe
Goran Kajfes
Meridian Arts Ensemble (interesting take on some Zappa music
     Prime Meridian
     Anxiety of Influence
     Smart Went Crazy
Andy Summers
     Earth + Sky (not sure it's fusion but definitely electric, instrumental and VERY listenable)

I've mentioned Sao Paulo Ska Jazz here and elsewhere before but never received any feedback.  Gottatellya, I think 'Gringo' is very good, but their self titled debut album is the better record so you might want to give it a shot also!

Hey chazro - found (I think) the S/T debut on Spotify...a 2009 release.  Track 1 is called, Sao Paulo.  Got it playing now.  Very good recording.  SQ is excellent.  Superb musicianship.    Will have to see how SPSJ holds up for me.  Do they draw me back for repeat listening.  Regardless, I bet they would be a ton of fun to see live.

Some fun live clips here. All is not perfect. On the one with the Studio No.7 banner seems to me like they are not always quite in time with one another...maybe an artifact of how things were recorded?? In the 5:08 min long vid, sounds like someone forgot to turn on the trumpet player’s mic when he goes to solo. STILL - gives a good sense of the energy these guys can generate. Fun stuff.

If you haven’t already, you ought to drop a link to this stuff on that Jazz Aficionado crowd. Wake up those stiffs!
:-) Just kidding. Some of ’em will dig it.

Thanks for the recommendation.

Another good clip here (great resolution and sound quality)

Red Hot Chili Peppers
"If you haven’t already, you ought to drop a link to this stuff on that Jazz Aficionado crowd. Wake up those stiffs! 
:-) Just kidding. Some of ’em will dig it."

Lol!!!  I hear ya!  Gotta say, while they (sometimes) post some great stuff, the overall feel of the thread seems more like geriatric aficionados, I've always imagined the main players over there to be somewhere between 70-80 yrs old as it explains some of the perpetual state of crankiness they seem to be in (and the period of music they seem locked into).  I sometimes drop in there and it's always the SOS, grumpy old Walter Matthau-ish men regurgitating the same tired arguments over and over ad nauseum.  I wonder how many music-lovers follow that thread for the blow-ups more than the music?  It feels like you're watching a Real Housewives Of Audiogon episode!;)

Too funny Chazro!!
the new album from the Lumineers us a masterpiece !! It's called Cleopatra . Wow !!
@chazro - 
Tend to agree with your assessment though in fairness, I've learned quite a bit from that thread AND their knowledge of the jazz universe (esp., O, Rok & Frogman) is certainly impressive.  My take on their "virtual neighborhood" as communicated to them there...

"You know visiting this thread is like dropping in on a friend living in an apartment with thin walls whose neighbors are a loud and dysfunctional family. Kind of interesting, odd and funny all at the same time. Just sayin’...." 

Wow this was blowing my mind today. 
Arcology follows in the free-form footwork of Thug Entrancer's debut album Death After Life. A narrative of an imagined alien colony existing between the fabric of known / unknown worlds, Arcology explores high tech / low life society, mechanical structures, and data-driven humanity built for clubs and alien chambers. "

I had no idea electronic music could be this compelling. Crazy stuff. Sound is killer! Need some comedown music now.