New YBA equipment... Old YBA

I heard something about YBA, re-engineering and introducing a new line in the US? Is this old news? has it already been introduced and if it has, when? And was there a new name disignation. I'm thinking purchasing YBA, Passion Intgrated and CD 2. But I get confused when I see the Alpha, Delta and now a Sigma series? How can I tell them apart? I saw an ad on a passion saying it was a new Version with a blue light instead of the old Green? Did they change the amp or just the light.

Thanks for your help.
YBA has introduced the Initial line. This is the new entry level. THe Audio Refinement has been around for a while. It is made by YBA, with YBA parts, in Taiwan.
I heard they were re-doing there Passion Int. series and Amp/Pre Amp as well.
Email Audio Plus Services if you want to get info straight from the horses mouth (North American distributor). To my understanding in the Passion line the 100, 200, and 300 are the designations for the integrated amps (each giving you more power). I don't know if you have been to the YBA website (it's not easy to find) but they have a comparison feature that allows you compare any model in the line to another.

Good luck!
The Passion Integre is now renamed as Passion Integre 300 and comes with a new fascia. They are also introducing two new Passion integre models, the Passion 200 and 100 which are 75W and 50w respectively.

I own the Passion Integre amp with a blue light and my understanding is that there is very little difference with the earlier model with the green light, and no improvement to the sound quality. The same applies with regards to the latest Passion Int 300.

The Sigma series is the latest series that applies to the classic line of amps and CD players. The previous series was the Delta. YBA's biggest French dealer mentioned that there is a small improvement in the amps but a big improvement in the CD players, as you might expect.

I listened to the lastest Sigma CD players and it was a big improvement on the Delta series. I ended up buying one, The CD Passion 400 (same as the CD3 Sigma - just different fascia) which with the right interconnect is absolutely magical - as good if not better than vinyl.

Hope this helps.
I am looking for some assistance from any audiogoner that may have owned a YBA CD-1 cd player.I recently picked up a used one from a fellow audiogoner.Upon arrival I set it up and was quite impressed with the solid build and the 2 seperate power supplies.What I did not count on was that the unit was very selective in the CD,s it would read and play.About 40% of my Cd,s are useless and a on a few the unit will not read track 1 but will read track 2 and beyond.
Has anyone experienced this , do you have any suggestions?.
I am so upset with this that I am going to send it back to YBA to have it serviced and if that does not solve the problem,sell it.
Recently I auditioned the Passion line CD 400 and 600 and in all honesty the cd-1 is better on the cd,s it will read.
The dealer did have a 400 that acted up by not reading some cd,s he had but mine is a lot more finicky.
Sorry realized that I posted my unit as aCD-1 it is the CD-3 replaced recently by the CD 1000 Passion series.

I have YBA CD-2 and I had to clean the blue light with a cutip and some lens cleaning solution (use what is available) and it fixed the problem of reading tracks. Also, I noted that YBA simply won't play home made CDs but never gave problems with red book cds. If this is giving problem, you definitely need to get it serviced. I hope it helps..
I have a audio refinement CD player that I don't use anymore. It's collecting dust. Why? The digital output of this unit never alined with the AVM20 digital input, so I couldn't use it. The two channel analog audio worked fine and sounded very good. However, the DACs on the AVM20 seemed to be as good if not better. So I have a Toshiba DVD player I use as a transport and my system sounds great that way. If you go with an Integrated Amp with a DAC frontend, save yourself some money and buy a good DVD player as a transport.
>> save yourself some money and buy a good DVD player as a
>> transport.

well said indeed!
some months ago I bought a SOny DVP-S7000 DVD player to use as a transport (with a Scott Nixon DAC) & I have not looked back at all! Betters my older H/K 1-box CD player. Is inferior to my modified Wadia 861SE but gives the latter a good run for the money (& it's a stock DVP-S7000 unit!).
Hencamp, Of course, the CD-1 blue-laser is my most fantastic CDP. The most analog sounding CDP I've ever had. However, it is a bit tricky CD Player IMO. You may try turning off the player everytime whenever you want to change the CD. The CD-1 can't read the number of songs on your second CD if it contains more songs than the previous CD you've just taken it off, but it'd be no problem if the second CD has less songs than the previous one. Strangely but true, this player require you to put a CD in place before you can turn it on, if not, it won't read anything. Think that would help.
Benn, there should be a switch to initialize the player before pressing play. This will read the disk the same as a front loading player does when you close the drawer. I once had a CD3 and it had this switch. Plop a disc on, initialize, play.
i also had a similar problem with my cd3 delta. i got some info from them on how to clean the lens and i did that and now it wont play any cds. lame styles! so today i sent it off to be repaired. hopefully this helps.
ive heard that you can upgrade the cd3 delta. is this true and has anyone here done that?