New Yamaha A-S3200 Integrated Amp ?.

Has anyone heard this new A-S3200 Integrated amp yet?

The A-S3200 has the same high quality caps as the new state-of-the-art Yamaha C-5000 and M-5000 !
Never cared for the vintage Yamaha stuff so I hope the new models sound better. I have a friend that loves the look of their top end turntable but is afraid to buy. I would be much more apt to consider Luxman based on reputation and past experience. I am sure that it is worth a listen, but you should consider an audition mandatory.
This unit is way different than what you experienced in the past. 
This Yamaha exhibits a clarity with heft. Its sound is not "smoky" in the least.
I purchased the A-S2100 Integrated Amp about 8 months ago, a customer return bargain at $2300 US . I have the all black version and it’s construction details are squarely in the same ball park as the review unit above . A very natural sound indeed! I play a Yamaha trombone as a hobby, trust me, they understand how to reproduce music ! 
I looked at the integrated amp and the separates. Do these not come with remotes? I am somewhat of a purest but the only time I do not care about a remote is with vynal. When I am streaming I need a remote. Also $20,000 for the separates. I am sure you guys could give me 20 better ways to spend my money. 
I would agree that they are not much difference between the A-S2100 and A-S3000 sound wise but the A-S3200 uses better high quality caps than these older amps use and better caps = better sound.. 

 The Reviewer from Low Beats said the A-S3200 is "worth every penny" and I believe he is saying the A-S3200 is a Bargain for the money..
How about with Xavian or Wavetouch?  Account just created and peddling advertisements
Stereophile just did one. I'll have to read it again...I didn't get the feeling that Jason Victor Serinus was thrilled with it. 
I'm actually thinking of going integrated. The Yamaha checks all the boxes for me. Meters (I love meters), tone controls, balanced inputs and outputs. I'm not really interested in an onboard phono...however...nice it's there
I have owned an a-s3200 for about two weeks. Sounds very good to me, noticeably better than the a-s1100 that it replaced. 
Myself recently bought the 2100 ,the new 2200 slightly better I mean within a few %  and $1500 more ,myself have been modding loudspeakers for over 20 years 
and having almost all my electronics modded . That's how Dan Modwright 
got his fame consulted with top designers  and upgrades .ths 2100 is loaded with top quality parts from Japan 90% are Nichicon gold tune which are excellent 
when my warranty expires I already have it planned to max it out 
for under $3k I can make it better then the 3200, with top brand world class parts quality throughout .even the 3200 is made with roughly 30% of the cost going into the build ,the rest overhead and dealer markup. I learned long ago as a dealer and having a excellent electronics engineer,tech that knowing what needs modding and to put in the best transformers the electronics.
for example start with a bigger 800 va piltron custom potted transformer ,vs the stock 625 Thst is not even potted ,for lower noise floor 
all top -0 Crystal,Teflon  copper  12awg  wiring ,all wbt Copper gold connectors ,not brass far better sounding,as well as 3 x less resistance,and much better conductivity.doing this for years ,furutech Copper IEC a bunch of premium Vishay naked resistors , And non magnetic tantalum resistors
Swiss cerafine ,and silmic caps and Amtrans small caps and vh audio CU copper foil oil Teflon coupling caps . Sound coat the chassis for vibration , ERS sheets for magnetic absorption worlds best Bellison super low noise regulators and several other sound applications , you now have a  machine in the $15k plus and a world class integrated amp. I am extreme my whole system I have only -0 Crystal Teflon wires and wbt,or Furutech copper gold connectors ,for sonicly
fsr superior , just look at the metal resistance index ,all fact based .
If you enjoy it and plan on keeping it then here is a great proven recipe .in the UK
a friend did this it is world class period . People buy McIntosh for its great looks big meters and very dependable ,go look on utube parts quality not in the same league as the Yamaha , the Mosfets are top inside retail around $70 each !!
I have listened to much of the competition just check it out ,
The S3200 was not powerfull enough to handle the big Wilson’s Bass drivers 
That can dip under 4 ohms ,in the Sterephile review Better suited buying a  big pass labs integrated 
for a few grand more , for that speaker,or look at the excellent Vitus integrated used.or my plan buy a S 2100 Yamaha  and spend $3k getting it Max modded out ,run higher voltage80 v vs 60 Nichicon super through output  power caps 
and run a 900 va custom potted piltron low noise transformer to start vs the stock 623va
then upgrade the wiring to awg12 Neotech -0 Crystal copper Teflon  and put all top of the line parts .you can pick up a new refurbished one for around $2500
total investment under $6 k and it would be world class against anything at $12k+ When completed. 
please remember when modding 70% actually goes into the parts 
if this we’re a factory bought unit New of this quality on average 4x markup on parts,or on average 25% of the total cost of the speaker,or electronics goes into the build ,the rest overhead,and dealer markup. That’s  my future plan .
Great review from Stereophile ! 

 Match this amp with the all new ProAc K3's or K6's and your be in "Audio Heaven" !  ProAc could be my End-Game speakers !   

 Audio Magic !