New Yamaha A-S3200 Integrated Amp ?.

Has anyone heard this new A-S3200 Integrated amp yet?

The A-S3200 has the same high quality caps as the new state-of-the-art Yamaha C-5000 and M-5000 !
Never cared for the vintage Yamaha stuff so I hope the new models sound better. I have a friend that loves the look of their top end turntable but is afraid to buy. I would be much more apt to consider Luxman based on reputation and past experience. I am sure that it is worth a listen, but you should consider an audition mandatory.
This unit is way different than what you experienced in the past. 
This Yamaha exhibits a clarity with heft. Its sound is not "smoky" in the least.
I purchased the A-S2100 Integrated Amp about 8 months ago, a customer return bargain at $2300 US . I have the all black version and it’s construction details are squarely in the same ball park as the review unit above . A very natural sound indeed! I play a Yamaha trombone as a hobby, trust me, they understand how to reproduce music ! 
I looked at the integrated amp and the separates. Do these not come with remotes? I am somewhat of a purest but the only time I do not care about a remote is with vynal. When I am streaming I need a remote. Also $20,000 for the separates. I am sure you guys could give me 20 better ways to spend my money. 
I would agree that they are not much difference between the A-S2100 and A-S3000 sound wise but the A-S3200 uses better high quality caps than these older amps use and better caps = better sound.. 

 The Reviewer from Low Beats said the A-S3200 is "worth every penny" and I believe he is saying the A-S3200 is a Bargain for the money..
This thread reads suspiciously as an advertisement and not a question.
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