New XLR cables for system? Need your opinions

I'm trying to determine if new or different cables would bring something better or different to my system.

My system is: Krell 2250 amp, Krell 280p preamp and Classe CDP.5, all cabled with 8yr old Wireworld Equinox XLR's. Also have Audioquest Slate speaker cables for my Paradigm 60/v4's.

Thanks, Jim
I know they are cheap, but at least try Anti-Cables. They do everything right for my system.
Using Grover Huffman's new XLRs in my system (Just my sbjective opinion now) but they are simply sensational.
Mogami gold XLR cables are very very good, and very affordable too. I also made some myself dirt cheap with bulk 2534 cable and basic Nuetrik connectors. 5' pair cost me $20.00 including shipping and about a half an hour with a soldering iron to make the cable. There is a seller here on AudioGon that sells them premade for around $100.00. The Mogami golds can be had at Guitar Center for about $80.00 a pair.
If you want to hear amazing improvements in tonality, definition, texture, low level detail, dynamics and soundstaging, then check out the new Gen 3 MIT offerings. Call Joe Abrams at Equus Audio for expert advice and tremendous savings...they offer a 30 day trial period! PS, I've owned alot of Krell gear and MIT really opens the sound up with amazing vitality and color"O)
You can try bluejean cables and they will make them to length and very reasonable. 3ft pair would cost you about $50.00 + shipping. I am not a proponent of expensive cables but ones that do the job.