New Woofers for Alon V's?

I have a wonderful pair of Acarian Systems Alon V's that I really enjoy. Recently, after hearing some low end distortion, I noticed that the woofer surrounds are deteriorated and loose from the cone and frame in several places. So I sent an email to Acarian asking if I could buy some new woofers, but no reply so far. Does anyone know where I can get some replacements? I've also seen some references to owners upgrading to Circe woofers - but not sure what that's all about. Any help or tips would be much appreciated.
It sounds like the woofers have fairly standard foam surrounds. There are several places where you can buy new surrounds with instructions on how to replace. The new parts for last pair I did for a friend cost $30 delivered.

There are also many people who will do this for you. Figure a $100 or perhaps a bit more for a pair.

No need to replace the whole driver if only the surrounds have deteriorated with age.
This is easy, call Bill at Millersound 215 412-7700 and have him repair them. He probably will charge $100 or less. He also is/was an Alon dealer and knows the Vs inside and out. I also own a pair and he can fine tune them for you.

Happy Listening.
Either repair foam surround as I did with my previous Alons, or send them to Bill.

I believe the Circe woofers have the alnico magnets, may be a nice upgrade, just as the alnico mids and tweeters are.
Thanks all for the responses. I was considering a refoam myself too but wasn't sure if it was worth it. I sounds like Bill has an excellent reputation for this type of work and I am certainly going to give him a call.