New Wireworld Gold Eclipse ser 6 vs. Ser 5.2 inter

Anyone hear the new Wireworld Gold Eclipse series 6 interconnects? I'm especially interested in how the new series 6 cable compares to the older Series 5.2 interconnects which I own. I was hope some of the new Platinum sound tinkled down to the he new Series 6 Any feed back on these cables would be appreciated.
Gold is currently playing in the system. Cannot compare it to the previous series, but what we hear is simply great ! PE comes next week, after which you will hear the A/B comparison...although I suspect very little difference, as the cable itself is the same...
Hello 5560.
I have used Wireworld Gold Eclipse in my system since 5.2 came to the market and are using GE6 and Platinums today.
I first tried Platinum to replace 5.2 and I have to admit it was a major upgrade.
Since then I also bought several GE6 to replace my 5.2 and I think GE6 have more similarities to Platinum than 5.2
so I think your hopes are fulfilled.
The new thinner conductors and new dielectrium of series 6 seems to be a nice breakthrough for Wireworld.
I also have owned or tried many other top grade cables from Transparent, MIT, Cardas, Nordost, Kimber, Von Gaylord, Magnan, Stealth and PAD.
Most of them have been excellent cables, but Wireworld GE6 and Platinum have become my personal favourites.
They simply have the least flaws and make my systems sound the best it can.
The only other interconnects I have kept that can compete with WW GE6 and Platinum are MIT Oracle 2.1

Magnan Signature are "THE" best interconnect I have used, with an absolutely perfect rendition of treble.
No other cable I have used can release the inner detail of complex instruments like a high-hat or cymbal with such ease as Magnan Signature can.
BUT, the overall character are a bit thin, so I can only use it in my headphone system where it performes more balanced.