New WIREWORLD Eclipse 8 series FULL REVIEW

The Wireworld updated Eclipse 8 speaker cables, interconnects and the 75 ohm digital coax could be the greatest value ( in the “ upper priced market) visa- vie sound quality- ( without going to $6k for Inakustik’s LS-4004) !!

Excellent design and very natural very balanced audio cables. The new 
Eclipse 8  now use 50% more OCC-0 Crystal copper 
and several other innovations no cables I have heard are anywhere  as refined and balanced at their price point.
While the Wireworld Eclipse Silver cables feature the patented Octo DNA Helix design with OCC-7N silver-clad copper conductors, the addition of this silver-cladding on the ‘basic’ Eclipse 8 improves on the ‘sound definition and resolution; thereby making them sound closer to the solid silver Gold Eclipse 8.
I am skeptical of any company that touts silver clad copper. Well-designed cables imho ought to be all copper or all silver. Silver clad copper causes problems. I don’t recall the specific engineering explanation but my take was that the very thin coating of silver only causes problems and no benefits. Pairing dissimilar metals seems to always cause problems in any application whether it be mechanical or electrical.
Note that the entire Cardas line-up is all copper. I have had great results using Analysis Plus' all silver Silver Apex for interconnects. 
I tried an entire loom of WireWorld Eclipse8 plus Electra7 pcs.Not a good match for my system. The noise filtering design of those cables caused the music to sound dull to me. I never tried the Platinum. Some find them just perfect for their systems though.
"I didnot use their power cords I used the Eclipse 8Loudspeaker cable 
which is very well balanced ,I thought the reviews on them were very accurate 
I tried the interconnects , my Yamaha 2100 mosfet  integrated sounds very respectable and very dynamic I wanted to give its perspective mores Row 8 then say a row 4 ,perspective ,theCardas clear reflection  interconnect ,a perfect balance both cables complemented each other the latestwire world Eclipse 8 
now a awg9  cable using the worlds best 48 individual OCC- 7-9s Copper 
their top Opto meometry and obsilix-3 dielectric which is actually better then Teflon ,the interconnect was also respectable  I didnot find anything dull in my system ,ifyou wanted more detail the goldEclipse 8 excellent .
myself wanting very good detail but want a bit of added warmth , the clear reflection does both well , the clear reflection speaker cable excellent but $1k 
more then the Wireworld and very detailed and balanced blends well with most interconnects . Their power cords not as good as their audio cables IMO.
My interconnects and speaker cables are WW series 7 and 8. I was using Eclipse 7 PCs, probably very good at their price point, but my system sounds a lot more natural with other PCs, though I have not tried WW higher range PCs