New Wilson Sasha VS Wilson Audio Sophia 2

I was wondering if anyone can describe the difference in audio sound between the Wilson Audio Sophia 2 and the New Wilson Sasha Speakers

Much Appreciated

I made this direct comparison several times as I was auditioning speakers. At two different dealers, the comparison was made in the same room with same front end.

The Sophia 2 was a little disappointing overall. It sounded like separate drivers with the tweeter calling attention to itself and the bass being about a 1/2 beat behind the rest of the music. Midrange a little veiled, at least in comparison to my ELSs that I was looking to replace.

The Sasha gave me everything I was looking for in my next speaker. It was very coherent with excellent integration of the drivers. Overall warmer and much bigger sounding with appropriate scale to the music. Both micro and macro dynamics were very good. In my search for speakers that could do what my previous Quads and Martin Logans did so well, but with the addition of real dynamics and body, the Sasha was the only speaker that fit those criteria. My auditioning also included Focal, Revel, Maggie, Arial, and Vandersteen.

I bought the Sashas and have been very happy. Note that I have not heard the new Sophia 3, which I understand is closer to the Sasha. You might add it to your list versus spending the extra $$ on the Sasha.

You can also go to the Wilson Audio forum on Audio Aficionado where there is much written about the two speakers.
I had Sophia 2s for 1 year and had the opportunity to listen to Sasha’s a couple of months ago. The Sasha’s are more coherent, more natural sounding and in another league to my ears. If I had the money I would have bought them. I ended up with Sophia 3s. The Sophia 3s are a significant step-up from the Sophia 2s. The bass is more articulate and bigger sounding. The Sophia 3s presentation is very close to Sasha’s, where the music just sounds natural. I submit going from the Sophia 2s to 3s was the best upgrade that I’ve ever done.
I went from Sophia 2 to Sasha. Sasha sounds warmer, highs are smoother and better integred, they soundstage better as well. A big step up.
I have heard both in a direct AB comp with the dealer switching the speaker wire from Sophia to Sasha and I agree the Sashas are clearly better in every dimension.
But there is also a 10K price differnce as well. I would say that you could probably hear the the same margins in a amp or pre amp that is 10K more. I would buy the Sashas price no object, but on a budget that only permited a Sophia I would be very happy with the Sophias as well.
The Sashas are a much more accurate delivery and extend the ranges to another level along with a more natural tonality.
Definitely you cannot compare the Sophia 2 and the Sashas. Its a different level overall.
However, its probably better to compare the Sasha w/ the Sophia 3s which are probably closer.
Im not sure whether its worth the extra $10,000 difference between the Sophia 3s and the Sashas.

Perhaps someone here can compare the S3s and the Sashas.
I compared the Sophia 3s to the Sashas and came to the following conclusion: I love the Sashas's, but you must consider Sasha's are more demanding of the associated electronics; therefore for me it would have been more than an extra $10K. I really love my Sophia 3s, but I would love to be able to afford the Sashas and the electronics to drive them.
I went from the Sophia 2s to the Sashas and I'm still trying to find amps that can drive them so I tend to agree with Ricred1.
Ricred, Madflod- best to stick w/ S3s then.... thanks.
I wonder how the WP7 or WP8s compare to the new Sophia 3s ?

Heard the VTL MB450 Mk3 driving the Sashas. Simply amazing. It will leave you with a smile stuck on your face so wide like you just road a very fast roller coaster.
Yup, I heard them too. Very nice!
Madfloyd. I have Ayre mx-r and they sound wonderful. Very smooth with plenty of womph when you need it. I am not getting all i can from them as I need to upgrade pre. k5xe is nice but compared to kx-r not close. I understand Nagra pre is a good mate and cheaper but I have not auditioned.
I have a Nagra PL-L mated to MX-Rs driving W/P 7s. It's a great combination. If you do purchase a PL-L, make sure you buy the VPS isolation stand withit. Even on a Monaco Grand Prix Audio stand it makes a difference. Good luck!