New Wilco... Impressions?

I am listening now and am really digging it. Nice full sounding recording and great material.. Any one else giving it a listen???

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One should get familiar with Jim O'Rourke recordngs to understand why "A Ghost is Born" sounds the way it does. O'Rourke not only recorded a lot of these tracks but he performs on a good number of them.

I recommend O'Rourke's last LP "Insignificance" as well as the Tweedy collaboration Loose Fur, which was recorded at the same time as the YHF sessions.

I also like how track three "kidsmoke" is very Neu!

What do you all think? I think Pitchfork did a good job reviewing this album.

I have the CD not the LP. It is a solid album expect for the 15 minute track "Less than you think" as Sean mentioned. The Droning gets annoying. Otherwise I think the album is great. I listened to it twice yesterday and really enjoyed it. You guys might also want to check out the new album by MUSE. It has a "Radiohead" feel to it as well and is very good.

Just got done listening "A Ghost is Born" ( bought it at Best Buy on sale ). After listening to 10 tunes with only one of them being enjoyable, i ran into 15 minutes of crap called "less than you think". I was waiting for my girlfriend to start yelling about the noise as she was trying to go to sleep. Did her a favour and pulled the plug on the disc, missing the last cut. Some of this kinda reminds me of Radiohead in some ways, and i'm not really digging them either. It's just more "artistic dredge" from what i can tell at this point in time. Sean
Picked it up today. One of the best CD's I've purchased. There's just something about the chord progressions and dark/beautiful sonic imagery that grabs me. Tweedy ain't no dummy, that's for certain.

Recording quality is a pleasant surprise as well.
Did you get the vinyl or the cd?

They recordings are pretty good, so I try to get them on vinyl. (Although I don't have Summer teeth on Vinyl, boo hoo!)

My local record store said they wouldn't have it until next week! I'll have to get back to you. By the way, what's it called?