new WHo Amazing Journey DVD - analog galore

the intro to the new WHO dvd has analog galore

looks like an ARC tube amp
nice table and they show the needle going into groove to start the documentary

nice touch!

also a stellar documentary - well worth getting
even if you're only remotely a Who fan
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I might have to check this one out. Although it hard for me to even listen to The Who anymore.

I never would have thought one of my favorite bands as a kid would turn into pedophile used car salesman ticket scalpers with no respect for thier own dead members. If Pete thought he could make a buck off John's corpse, he would have had it propped up in the parking lot of the shows The WHo played 48 hours after John died. But at least they still have their $250 seat prices and every other car commercial to peddle their jingles to.
I was quite upset when they carried on right after John

supposedly they were touring cause John had gotten himself in major debt (never slowed down his rock star collecting lifestyle)

they should have let go gracefully after mooney

Who are too muscular for me most times

nice documentary
agreed, the who was the chemistry between the 4. nothing they did after that ever captured the preternatural ability to be in the groove that they exhibited together...just listen to isle of wight and you'll see...

they should've stopped after moon died. and going on after ox is just a money-grab.

i never cared much for zeppelin, but i do respect them for saying "enough" when bonham died.
Amen to all of the above. I couldn't agree more. And this latest "Wire" offering is simply pathetic, it is so poorly written and executed, nor does it even seem that Pete and Roger were even together in the studio to make this.

For me it ended with Quadrophenia. I couldn't stand the cover to "Who by Numbers" after their last great epic. They could have ended it in 1974 and I would been happy, in retrospect of course.