New whiz bang gizmo anyone?

I got a small problem…

Several amps, one pair of main speakers & cables for ‘em that I would like to use with ‘whatever’ amp (s). Without the constant disconnecting and reconnecting of speaker cables each time.

No HT by pass or passs through on the preamp.

I’d like a good switching apparatus that will allow me to connect up all the amps, (one stereo, 2 monos) and the intended speaker cables and speakers, then switch from one amp to the other… manually will be fine enough.

I’ve seen quite a few of the reverse thus far…. One amp + many speakers… but no multi amps + one pair of speakers.

Anyone ever seen and/or used one of these? Please let me know. I’d like to get one until I can reconfigure and move my main system.

Quality counts… as always.

Thanks ever so much.
Not that you asked but you dont need pass thru to get it all hooked up, just refrence a volume level for a movie Processor so all levels are calibrated and matched (for example) and all will be well. Spliting pre amp signal to amps can also be done..... I dont know everything but I dont think such a gizmo exists, you want several amps wired to speakers and no need to re-wire speakers each time and thats a tall order but maybe there is something I dont know about.

I do appreciate your thoughts.

There's another issue with your matching levels thought... signal delays... and the need to use two remotes for adjusting volumes simultaneously.

And of course, it would defeat the plan.

Upon further review, I'm thinking once the switch is engaged to move from the amp connected to the speakers to being not connected to any speakers, (yet still powered up), I'm facing another issue entirely.... no load.

consequently the 'box' would have to supply or appear to supply some load to that amp which is being left energized all the time.... the tube amps could just be shut down.

A resistor wired in paralell across the sw. dis-engaging the SS amp?