new Whiskeytown release

for fans of Whiskeytown, there is a new release of material recorded in '99 before the band dissolved, "Pneumonia". It was recorded in an abandoned church and the review available at Sonic net is favorable. I am there as soon as I can get to the store.
Thanks for the info! I'm a big fan of this band. I was first turned on to Whiskytown several years ago at a car audio IASCA show. The judges were using "Strangers Almanac" as a reference disc in the sound quality compitition. I bought the CD the next day, and still use it as a reference in my two channel home system. This is a very well recorded CD, and the band is fantastic. It's one of those great CD's that you never seem to get tired of.
One track, "Don't Be Sad," is featured on the CMJ New Music Monthly magazine and CD, July issue. It is pretty good, but I would not have known that it was Whiskeytown, and I love "Strangers Almanac." The real standout track on this disc (that fans of Whiskeytown would dig) is "Night Shift Guru" from the Cash Brothers. Now that's a CD I'll have to hunt down and buy (although I'll probably end up getting W-Town at some point too).
Just bought the album "strangers almanac". Great f@#*in' album! Buy it you won't be sorry!
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