"New" Western Electric wire

Has anyone here had a chance to try the new Western Electric wire available now as speaker wire? If so how does it compare to the vintage wire? 
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The newer Duelund stranded copper tinned and placed in oil impregnated cotton is better sounding. The WE wire is still covered in a layer of synthetic material (PVC) before the cloth. This closes in the sound more than the more lively and open Duelund. Duelund is also cryo treated. WE is not cryo treated. The Duelund wire is more open, real sounding, lively and more resolute.

You must buy the new  WE in 100 foot spools also.  
Thanks grannring! The Duleland was also on my radar, and was leaning towards that. But I did receive a quote from Western Electric I can buy by the foot. Again thank you for your advice.
Good to know you can buy it by the foot.  It is very good wire.  The Duelund is better, but it costs a little more.  
@grannyring Have you compared Dueland to Speltz speaker cable by any chance? You seem to have been through quite a lot of gear and wire so I thought I would ask. 
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Are you still selling Dueland speaker cables?  If yes, do you have a website for your product offerings?

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+1 for the Duelund cable. I use them as speaker cables and ingerconnect also. They replaced much higher priced ones all for the better.
I have the vintage Heavey duty Western Electric 10 gauge wire and the Duelund 16 and 12 gauge wire that grannyring mentioned. I agree 110% go with the Duelund wire. As far as I know grannyring does an excellent job with all types of custome work. Contact him through Audiogon using his user name.
The "new" Western Electric, is not just a purchase of the old trademark; the company owns the old tube-making gear so there is at least a chance that the reissued 300b tube will be like the "old" reissued 300b (which means a very good tube).

As for wire, what is "best" or "better" really depends on personal taste and particular application.  I have no idea about Duelund wire, but, if it is "better" than some other particular wire, it really means that it is different sounding.  The same goes for their much touted capacitors; I've heard some of them in crossovers and they are good or bad depending on the particular voicing one is after.

There is a lot of old Western Electric wire out there, and only a small percentage of that wire is what the serious fans of their wire are after.  I heard a long interconnect made with some wire which I think was pre-WWII or just after the war, and it was pretty close to the sound of Audio Note Sogon, but then again, the price of this wire was quite high too.

When dealing with really old vintage wire, it is prudent to handle it carefully because some of it has been laced with arsenic to discourage nibbling by rodents; my friends who know Western Electric know which wire is safe, but anyone without such knowledge should be careful about washing their hands after handling wire and avoiding stripping insulation with their teeth.
Hi @pdreher

My ads are up here on Audiogon. Look under my username or search Acoustic BBQ. I use Duelund wire throughout my rig. I use it in my upgraded crossovers, integrated amp, USB cables etc... Love it! I don’t need ICs in my rig however.
I want to sincerely apologise. I had something that aggravated me unrelated to forum and I interpreted your message wrong. Again I'm sorry
I have old WE 300B reissue tubes.
They are good but a little overrated tubes.
I bought TJ Mesh 300B and liked them more compared WE 300B reissue. I sold my used 300B WE reissue two times more expansive that I bought them new!
After that I bought EML Mesh 300B. They are much better compared to TJ Mesh and WE reissue .
I like the various EML Meshplate tubes too, particularly for the enormous and enveloping soundstage they manage to deliver.  But, the EMLs don't seem to have the extraordinary lifespan of the WE tubes.  I know people who run their amps every day that have the same WE 300bs that they bought more than 20 years ago. 
Hi @larryi,
Have you compared EML Meshplate 300B tubes to regular EML 300B?
I think about time when I have to replace my EML Meshplate 300B. 
Are regular EML 300B good enough?
"New" Western Electric has no relation to old WE, other than a name.  Everything produced is from current sources, not NOS.  New WE is essentially the former new WE from about 20-25yrs ago (before bankruptcy).  At that time, the new company owned and restored original WE tube making equipment, and employed workers who had retired from the original WE.  These people are no longer with us, and the equipment is now 20yrs older.   My opinion is their products are overpriced, and that was what was whispered 20-35yrs ago...   However there will be a market for their products just because of the name and (purchased) legacy.

I have not heard the regular EML300B in a side-by-side comparison with the meshplate version.  What I have heard in a side-by-side comparison is the meshplate 2a3 and the regular plate 2a3 (I owned both versions of 2a3 tube).  I have also heard a very good Kron 300B tube used in a pushpull amp; I like that tube for its dynamics and its tight sounding bass.  I have not heard the other top contenders such as the Takatsuki 300B or the Elrog 300B.