New way for audiophiles to die!

This is no joke. I was reading the obituaries online as I usually do. There was an advertisement for cremation with a picture of a vinyl record. That caught my attention. The ad stated that cremated remains can be turned into many different objects including vinyl records! Who woulda thunk. I don't have the link but it was Click on obits or google it. This opens new possibilities. What genre of music do you want to come back as? Joe 
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The song on my remains would be "Is That All There Is?"

"Hold-on, I'm Coming"  Rock Blues as done by BB King and Clapton.

"Sit on it and rotate," sayeth the audiophile's widow.
Get with the program. CataCombo offers a $10,000 music system for a coffin, you know, for the everafter. Digital music server and options for random play list, etc. let music reach beyond the senses. You’ve heard of New Age Music. This is No Age Music. I’m not hot doggin ya.

This is ALMOST enough to make you quit the hobby. :-)
Thanks for that new milestone in fascinating yet totally useless waste.
KISS offers their take on a Rock N Roll coffin.

Don't recycle me into the Partridge Family please!!!
Ashes to records is nothing new.  This kind of service has been around for awhile now.
Who wants a diamond stylus scraped across him? Or getting scratched? Ouch!

Well, If it was say hypothetically A mother in law's remains embedded in single of Running With The Devil that might be just about right. Shoot I might even work on my DJ skills if that were the case. 

mapman, if you find a posting boring or useless, IT IS possible to pass on it and not comment at all. Peace. Joe
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Actually I find posts about useless or wasteful things quite useful. You learn about things that are useless and the people pitching them which is quite useful information to have.  I find that in itself fascinating as well as I indicated.
That’s two, count em - two, nothing burgers he served up in a row. 🍔 🍔 Hmmmm, that’s makin me hungry!
That from the expert on nothing burgers.
I’d disagree if I could.

I actually admire the recycling/reincarnation aspect of it as well as the possibility of someone being more useful post mortem, not to mention finally getting a jacket that fits better than the one I might wear in the casket!  

Packaged like a box set with notes, quotes, and photos? Cool!

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 please bury me in my high top Stetson hat
Put a twenty dollar gold piece on my watch chain
The gang'll know I died standing pat
As Steven Wright once said...

“I plan to live forever.” (Glances down at his watch)

”So far, so good.”

When I was born, I saw the light of day....

...when I die, I want to hear some Moody Blues.
Peggy Lee's version of that song is one of my all-time favorite jazz tunes and would be apt.   Great post!
Shouldn’t this post read “ He’s dead Jim “ now what do we do ? Man I was feeling all literal and the guys (hypothetical at that ) allready dead ! What a let down . I was hoping to read about an electrocution from a fuse installed backwards , or a guy that was crushed under an entire pallet of Double Impact Teckton’s . WTF , not even poisoned by secret terminal treatment fluid ( KGB Style ). But after death , vinyl is a cool idea . So would that be considered a   “ Master Pressing “? When the kids die you could have a Re-release ! Man I better go take my meds ! I like the Moody Blues idea , I’m gonna be “ Days of Future Passed “. So to my “ Sicker than most peeps “ cheers and keep on spinning , Mike. 
"Timothy Leary's dead! No he's not! He's outside looking in!" - Moody Blues 
This is totally gross you must be joking.
I saw Timothy Leary at a record store in Glendale California in 1983. He bought a Devo album ;-).

I love your answer to how to deal with one's remains. I like the idea of a plain old pine box with no lining so I can naturally decompose back into the earth, via worms and whatever else finds me appetizing. 

Reading your post reminded me of the scene from The Revenant where Leonardo Dicaprio almost meets his end. Quite a fitting way to go and a true recycling of one's self.

All the best,

There was a movie called Soylent Green (1973) starring Charleton Heston, based on  SciFi writer Harry Harrison's book Make Room Make Room (1966).

At the end (SPOILER ALERT) they find out that the protein meals being fed to the masses, were actually recycled people. Great movie but my wife and I always look at sushi or protein bars and mutter "Soylent Green"!


Not a nice subject to bring up, but it would be more efficient to bury people in circular casts vertically. You would only need a post hole digger and much less space needed, if you wanted to remain intact rather "blowin' in the wind"...
Man, Soylent Green!

I believe that was Edward G. Robinson’s final film - no pun intended. 

However, the recycling into vinyl thing does present a problem for some of us who’ve grown up with the religious sentiment - and I paraphrase - that we are in effect “dust, and to dust we shall return.”

LP’s and dust?  Vinyl’s kryptonite!  
I would think Queen's 'Another One Bites The Dust' would be appropriate....
Blood, Sweat & Tears....

equally appropriate!