New VTL Stereo Amp?

I see there's a dealer advertising a "New", "Used", VTL ST-150S - presumably the replacment for the ST-150. It looks great but VTL doesn't have it on their web site yet and I can't find any other info on it. Has anyone heard of it or seen it at a dealer?
It is the newest amp from VTL, my local dealer was discussing this with me late last year. VTL website is not up to date. Very nice cosmetic upgrade, I don't think there is a sonic difference but I have not heard the new amp.
They sent me a spec sheet on the new ST-150, specs are similar - a few less watts per channel. Looks like (4) 6550C / channel instead of (2) on the previous (if the online specs are right for the old one). If that's true it's bound to sound a least a little different. New look is very nice, they said it's coming to other models as well.
the old st 150 uses 4 6550 per channel. i just replaced my cary 805c with the vtl, and dang if the vtl doesn't sound better. the 150 is a sweeet amp, and has nice control over the bass, something the 805c lacks (too much bass bloom).
Hey Steve, I see you upgraded your M-L's -- not too surprised they like the added power and control.

The new sophisticated look is certainly sexier, though I don't think as distinctive. But personally I'd rather have those very useful handles and attendent classic straked grille as on my 185's, assuming nothing has changed in the circuit. And assuming the rest of the chassis and the faceplate attachment points haven't changed, I wonder if VTL will maintain the old faceplates as an option, since they're bound to still need to have 'em on hand as replacement parts for the thousands already in the field...
Hi Fi+ has a review in issue 44 as I recall. They liked it but noted that resolution and separation of instruments were not its strong suit but liked the bold solid sound.
hey alex... i guess i'm not surprised. the efficiency rating on the new logans is 92db. the woofers are active. but more power still helped. or maybe it was just the push pull circuit. i think even 100w of SET probably still would've felt soft in the bass.

the VTLs don't hold a candle the cary's imaging, layering, holographic presentation, but i just couldn't handle the bass, it was like a giant balloon. even tho the logans are active, i think they take on the amps character, from top to bottom.

i also tried the conrad johnson 140 on these logans and it sounded awful. anemic, dry, lifeless, totally controlled and totally restricted. the VTL is much warmer and full bodied, yet punchy. bold solid sound is about right.

you still have MB185s w/ some Theils?
Yep, although for the moment I'm evaluating a recently-acquired McCormack DNA-500 which exceeds them in several areas. Your description of the VTL vs. CJ (tube) sound is actually very similar to my take in a comparo I did a few years ago between my then-amp, a CJ MV55, and a VTL ST-85, although I have to stipulate that there was a question of relative tube condition between the two amps, and I thought the CJ did have the more neutral frequency response. What tubes are you using now?
well, had some svetlana c wing 6550, but one quad needed changing, so i just put in some new TS 6550. they're very new, breaking in. paired with mullard 12at7, they sounded too fat and round. swapped in some sieman ecc81 and they sound pretty good. hoping they open up a little more. jury is still out on that tube. i heard they had a tight defined bottom end, but altho that may be true, the bottom also feels emphasized. i'm moving in two days, so a new room will likely change all this. i'm reserving an affirmative judgment until i'm settled and have listened to them for a while. i'm generally satisfied with the sound, especially for the bucks i spent.

i gotta say, the vac 7070 was still the best amp i've had hands down. i dont think i realized what i had until i sold it. i've decided at some point the phi amp will be mine.
Have a smooth move!