new vs old shunyata power cables

Shunyata is marketing a new version of the their power cables has anyone noticed a significant sonic improvement over the older series.
The Zitron line represents the most significant upgrade in Shunyata power cords since the company was launched. I have replaced nearly all of my old CX cords with the Zitron line. Relatively few people have compared fully broken in Zitron power cords to the old CX line. (break in time is substantial with this new technology) Those who have taken the time for a full comparison acknowledge the major improvement. That said, not everyone agrees about the entry level Zitron Cobra as it compares to the Anaconda CX and King Cobra CX in all applications. However, the Zitron Python and Anaconda cords retain all of the warmth and soundstage of the CX line while adding a level of speed, transparency and micro detail that, IMHO, is unprecedented. I predict that future reviews in publications like the Absolute Sound will bear this out.
Hi I have the newest Anaconda Zitron along with the king Cobra CX. Have posted if you want to do a search...the net here is the Anaconda zitron is definately more resolute/dynamic/revealing...the King Cobra has a warmth that in some applications still make it a killer cord

I don't think you can really go wrong either way here...
zi-tron cobra not quite as full-bodied as pythons. hence, roundness, solidity and focus of image a bit weak.