New VPI Turntables - Titan, Prime Signature, Scout 2016, plus new tonearm lift and SDS?

VPI has been sharing images of new tables on Facebook. I've rounded up some of the photos and notes into an article

The Titan will be just that - a significant table that looks like a double Avenger. The Prime Signature is more significant in every way, and the new Scout is a totally new design that looks like a Prime Jr. 

Thanks for the info and pics!
Your site looks REALLY good!
The new Prime signature appears to be a smaller Aries 3 footprint.
The Prime Signature looks similar to the Aries 3, but the material does not appear to be the same.  Looks like the Aries is a higher quality build. Also has a glossy piano black and heavier plinth, but not 100% sure.  Just going by pictures and comments here and there.  Time will soon tell.
Soundstage Direct has the Prime Signature for sale for $5,995.00, that seems like a lot.