New VPI Top Line Table

Has anyone seen or heard the new table that's replacing the current Hot Rod? Will the Hot Rod be upgradable? Wondering since I recently purchased the Hot Rod, only to discover today that it has apparently been replaced by a significantly better table.
There is one for sale here!! go get it ;) it was in the Eggleston, CAT, VPI room along with an electro. EMC-1. That being said I haven't heard much about the new player except it is smaller and "better"-dunno what that means though. ~Tim
Yes, I saw and heard the new HR-X table last Thursday at the show. Harry was very excited about the table. I doubt the older TNT's would be upgradeable - totally different plinth, platter, motor. The air suspension, SDS, JMW tonearm remain the same.

As for the sound, it was difficult to honestly make a comparison with the Hot Rod. Yes, it sounded great but so does the Hot Rod.

It is probably similar to purchasing a Mercedes Benz for example - this years model is gorgeous but of course a better car will replace it in a year or two.
Well, the factory says they would change the Hot Rod if you wanted, but they're playing around with the table still, I believe.

Scroll down < 50% of the page. Picture of the table.