New VPI Scout II Owner

Greetings all,

I've decided to get back into vinyl after a 20+ year hiatus. I know and trust my local hi fi shop. I have been doing business with them for more than 10 years. After listening to several options I decided on a VPI Scout II and a Musical Surroundings Nova Phonomena phono stage. This was over my budget, but I really liked what I heard. My dealer had a slightly used Lynn Adikt MM cartridge which he included in the deal for a few bucks. The cartridge in his demo player was a Lyra Dorian. I am very impressed with the combonation and think I will get one when my pocket book recovers. That said, I would like to hear from others out there about their favorite cartridges. Perferably in VPI Scout tables.

Just FYI, my speakers are Lowther DX4 drivers in a DIY MLTL cabinet driven by a HIGHLY modified Golden Tube Audio SE40-SE (tube). My preamp is a highly upgraded Basie (tube) from DIYHiFiSupply (not the current offering). My CD player is a Lynn Genki and I have a NAD 4300 tuner. My interconnects are all DIY.
I was quite fond of using a Garrott Optim FGS in my Scout (original version.) The online review at Stereotimes parallels my experiences with it quite well. Also used a Grado Sonata Reference and liked that one less well in my setup. The Garrott tracks better in the JMW9 arm. FWIW, as usual, these preferences are system dependent. In my Acoustic Signature Final Tool, I prefer the Grado by a wee margin.
My preference in my Scout Signature is a Dynavector XX2MKII, an excellent pairing. My phono stage is a modded Simaudio LP 5.3, and improvements have been made regarding isolation ridding arm, cartridge, and plinth (including motor), of vibration and resonance. A very satisfying sound is the result.

Enjoy, regards,
..anything with Benz or Dynavektor on the box would be good. Make sure you address your preamp's capabilities.
And get a Mint protractor to optimize whatever cart you get. I am using the ZYX Airy 3 with splendid results.
I've had great results with Dynavectors (three) on two different VPI tables.
I have used both a Dynavector dv 20xl and a ZU-Denon DL 103 cartridge with great results on my Scout turntable.
I agree with Srwooten's point on the Mint protractor as well as Tom_hankins' and other's experience with Dynavectors.

The effect of setting up the tt with the Mint protractor is huge. Worth all the time and money.

:) listening,

Thanks to all for your responses. I appreciate it. I sat with the tech at my hi fi shop to watch how to set up a cartridge. The Linn Adikt was a bit hard to line up as it does not seem to have a non-curved surface anywhere.

I will be looking into the Mint protractor soon.

My table came home yesterday and I was up til 2AM listening. I've been told that the Phonomena will take a while to break in and that the Adikt takes a while to break in as well. Right now it is a little boomy in the lower octaves, but overall I like that way it sounds better than my CD player. I'm having a blast.