new vpi models ??

any there any rumors of new vpi models coming up for the new year ?
I have heard that Harry is working on a 20th anniversary edition of the TNT. The sealed pneumatic air suspension footers that were introduced in March might have been the first new advancement toward a new design. I understand that Harry has been working on a new combined motor/flywheel unit since the beginning of the year an that he was close to a final prototype for the new combined unit in April. I have had an order pending for the new motor/flywheel since November of last year and for the latest model platter/bearing since the beginning of this year. The fact that these orders have remained unfulfilled for 8+ months and counting gives some creedence to the possibility that all these parts are undergoing design changes. I hope it's worth the wait.
I had also talked with Harry a few months back. He was indeed working on a new Motor/Flywheel unit. I understand he will also have one avail for the Aries 2. Have not heard much of late however, or if any new tables are coming soon.
mucho thanks !!!!
My dealer spoke with Harry this week and obtained an update on his plans. Harry has recently received the long-awaited parts for the new single-motor/flywheel unit. This unit is designed to replace the separate motor and flywheel units that were originally introduced with the TNT Mk. 5. The new single-motor/flywheel will work with the pre-Mk. 6 model TNT plinths as well as the Aries given that the motor cutout for these turntables cannot accommodate the big rectangular HRX dual-motor/flywheel unit. Harry expects to begin shipping the new single-motor/flywheel units in September.

Harry says that the best performing motor/flywheel is still the HRX dual-motor/flywheel unit, which has not been modified or redesigned. Harry says that the single-motor/flywheel does not quite come up to the performance of the HRX unit but that the new unit does outperform the now superceded separate motor and flywheel design.

This week I received my new platter and bearing upgrade for my TNT. These are the HRX model acrylic platter and inverted bearing. There have been no design changes to these components.

Harry is now uncertain about whether he will introduce a new anniversary edition of the TNT, and it would appear that the recently released sealed air suspension footers and the new combined single-motor/flywheel units are all that is in the works for now.