New VPI Classic I vs. good used VPI HW-19 MkIV.

Given similar price points, which turntable would be the better choice?
Thanks, GK
What arm on the HW19? Missing key fact for a recommendation.
The MK IV, III, and II, were a bit darker in tone due to the suspension on springs. The Classic 1 uses the new feet with isolation and they are able to isolate from vibrations and be tighter and quicker in sound. I like all of them and if you have bright SS equipment then the III or IV would be good to tame it a bit. The Classic 1 is just a bit more neutral.
Thanks to all for your response. The HW-19 is offered with a Graham 1.5t/c tonearm.
In that case, I would take the HW19 MK4 without hesitation. The Graham is a very very good arm and IMO a much better arm than what is on the Classic. The Graham is also a good complement to the HW19's fullness of tone. I lived with a MK4 for a few years and found it to be excellent, not much behind my current TNT6. Good luck.
I agree with the frogmeister. The tables are pretty close, relatively speaking, but the Graham arm is a big step up from the VPI.
In a private email from Harry W once, he told me the Classic can be gotten minus the JMW Arm. And that it can be fitted with other Arms. What the price is minus Arm, I have no idea, but this could be an option for those who maybe have an Arm on hand, or another arm in mind.