New Von Schweikert VR 33?

Interested in buying this speaker, not sold on dealers only direct from VSA so can't audition it. Anybody own or listened to them? Please, your thought.
For the time being, yes.

In many ways I miss the Zu sound, but they were uglier, more intrusive in my living space and really difficult to set up right. I don't care how many people claim Zu speakers are easily setup--they're wrong, it takes a lot of time and effort. I spent 25% of my ownership trying to relocate the magic I had with my superflys after changing other variable sin the room. Inch by inch, days into weeks into months. It drove me nuts! That said, my system turned at least 4 Zu haters into believers, so maybethat time was well spent.

For the time being while I'm in my condo I'll probably continue using the very nice VR-33s. Down the road when this place sells I'll consider something like Druid Vs or Def 4s.
I highly recommend the Von Scweikert vr 35's. They are incredible and will compete with speakers 3-4 times there price. This is no joke. Albert can do a few upgrades and they are even better!!! I have heard many more expensive speakers (not all in my own home) and none have sounded as good. This includes many of the top brands.
When you say that Albert can do a few upgrades, can you comment on what and did you upgrade yours? Just being curious. I've had the VR-35s now for maybe 5 months and after they broke in, I've been extremely pleased.
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