New Von Schweikert Models

I just got a press release from VSA showing the new VR4SR ($8K/pr) and VR9 SE ($60K/pr) that will be demoed at CES. Man I wish I was going, not only for this, but for everything else as well.
I agree, I heard the VR9 room is going to be quite impressive, five VR9's! Emm labs CDS/DAC6e/Switchman, DarTZeel amps all with Jena labs wiring. And the VR4's consistantly impress folks who listen to them, every generation is one step closer to Albert and his crew's vision.

I am sure CES is a great event to attend for any music lover/audiophile- maybe one of these years I'll stop coming up with excuses and just go :)
Just when you think you've got your system sounding the best it can with your VR4GENIIISE's, Albert blows everything by coming out with a new generation that look and I'm sure sound fantastic. Why Albert why? I'm sure the VR9 room with the EMM labs and Dartzeel amps is going to sound unbelievable. Oh well.........dare to dream.
anyway to link to the press release or see the photos?
Here is the text of the press release. There is also a PDF with a pic of the 4SR. The 4SR looks like a beefier version of the 4JR with aluminum drivers in the base unit. No pics of the Vr-9. I can e-mail the PDF if you are interested - just drop me a line.

One thing I was wondering about the other day, why is it that we never hear anything about the VR-5 or VR-7?

2005 CES Press Release

San Marcos, California. Von Schweikert Audio is pleased to announce the World Premiere of two new state-of-the-art speaker systems: VR-4 SR generation IV ($8,000/pr) and VR-9 SE ($60,000/pr). New technology has been developed to recreate the soundfield of a live event; these are not “just another speaker” designs but are genuine breakthroughs in engineering. VR-9 SE is world’s first system to have a bandwidth of 10Hz to 100kHz in a reasonably sized enclosure!

To celebrate these two new models, Von Schweikert Audio will be showcasing their products in seven (yes, that’s 7) rooms at the upcoming 2005 CES (Alexis Park Hotel) and T.H.E. Show (St. Tropez Hotel):

· VR-9 SE - Multi-channel demo in Ballroom One at St. Tropez Hotel, site of T.H.E. Show (adjacent to the Alexis Park Hotel).

(VR-11 SE to be demonstrated at evening appointments)

· VR-4 SR generation IV - Room 1401 at St. Tropez Hotel

· dB-99 SE high efficiency speaker in room 1002-1004, St. Tropez Hotel (T.H.E. Show)

· VR-4jr - Rooms 1001-1003 at St. Tropez Hotel

· VR-4jr - Rooms 2561 and 1552 at CES Alexis Park Hotel

· System 12 Home Theater package in room 2153 at CES Alexis Park Hotel (Smyth Research technology demo)

Please stop by to hear what many reviewers call The World’s Best Speaker Systems using Ambience Retrieval and Global Axis Integration technology, invented by Albert Von Schweikert. These new engineering concepts enable the VR series of speakers to replicate the feeling of “live music!”

Your right Maineiac!!!! Really very little about the v5 and almost nothing about the v7!!!????!!!
The VR-5 and VR-7 have been completely redesigned and will be re-introduced much like the VR-4SR, VR-9, etc. are being introduced. The VR-7 will be finished first, the VR-5 is not quite ready for prime time. I have a glossy PDF file if someone wants to see what the new VR-7 looks like. It's a big speaker :)
The VR-9SE's are a finished product, the first 2 pairs already having been shipped out 4 weeks ago.
I'm looking at a pair right now.
And listening.
Anyone unable to attend CES and remotely near Ohio is welcome to come by for a listen. Don't plan on being in a hurry :^)
I received the new VR -7 SE about 10 days ago. They are absolutely phenomenal. I have a fairly large room (32x20) and for the first time a speaker can fill the room with big dynamics and yet have delicacy and opulence. They are a must hear.

What are you driving them with, including source?

Congratulations on your purchase!!

How do the new VR-7s sound? Do you like them? Could you please compare the VR-7 with others speakers.
I am using Manley 250's and the Steelhead pre. Audio aero CapitoleII and Nottingham Hyperspace turntable. They are the best sounding speakers by a good margin over what I have been listening to over the past 15 years. Other top end speakers I have had did always something negative. Some were too bright or had an excellent midrange and the bass was rolled off or too much bass, the usual caveats. The VR -7 seem to have it all correct and still be very musical. It is a big speaker with a BIG sound
I just returned from CES (1 day only this year) and had a chance to hear the dB99's, VR4jrs, VR4Sr, and VR9's.
I must say, the new 4Srs are stunning and considering the sonics,,, reasonably priced. "Best of Show" goes to VSA using the 9's (I did not listen to the 11's), set up in a 2pr multichannel configuration using EmmLabs, DartZel, etc. Kudo's to the VSA team AND supporting cast, in addition to the above mfg.'s,,, VAC, Oracle, Opera and several others. Spending the day visiting rooms displaying equipment housed in less than ideal listening environments, the Von Schweikerts were absolute standouts being the first and last rooms I visited. All models shown (spread over 7-8 rooms) were knockouts!

How did the Db99's sound? What gear was driving them? I am considering these speakers and would like your opinion.

I own the 99's,,, black piano finsih. Here's how I feel about them. When they arrive, pitch the boxes,,, you're gonna own them for a long time!

At CES the 99's were powered by Opera(Cyber series). Personally,,, I'm loving and using VAC,, the Avatar. I spoke with Kevin from VAC at the show and they are releasing a new product,, the VAC Auricle Musicbloc(monoblocks). Its a design adapted from the premium Phi 110/110 model. Its a Class A, direct-coupled triode front end that should offer terrific balance.
Used with the Auricle Preamp,,, it should be a outstanding performer. BTW I'm also using Herbie Audio "combat boot" footers(wood floors) under the 99's and Robert Lee's Acoustic Zen Satori speaker cables and AZ's Matrix IC's.

Thanks for the post Jack. What is your opinion if I wanted to run them wih my present gear: Ayre V-1X amp, BAT 51-SE pre, Ayre CDP with Tara Labs (IC and speaker cable)? I have only read threads with folks running tube amps with these speakers due to their high efficiency rating.

Efficacy- I also own the DB99mkII's and have used a few solid state amps on them so far. They work great, but you don't need to use an amp with that kind of power, from my experience the less power=more musical, this is not a concrete rule, but seems to be fairly constant. I had a very highly regarded pair of SS mono's and just didn't feel I needed the power and I could get away with much less power and even get back into tubes(which is what I did). With the quality of tube amps of today its a breeze to use them and they are very reliable. I have been looking for a low wattage SS amp with balanced inputs and its pretty hard to find- I want a second amp for summer/background and possibly movies, I can't see wasting tube life on back ground noise. I am thinking of getting a Pass Aleph 30, maybe not the best, but it should suffice for back ground music.

I have run amps as low as 30 watts and as high as 400, the results are typically the same. The speakers are very dynamic and can produce enjoyable sound at levels lower then 60dB, but are also capable of CRANKING if you desire. From my listening so far I find that tube amps make a more natural sound with the db99's. Just make sure you listen only after broken in, when new they sound pretty bad, the tweeter even honks a little when new!

Of course this is just my experience.....
Efficacy, next week I'm going to inject a DK Design Group VS-1 MKII amp into my 99 system for a spin. I've been using this amp/preamp with a pair of VR4jrs over the last several weeks. The jrs have really opened up with the VS-1 like never before. I've tried the 100w Flying Mole mono amps to nice effect with the 99's. The recent Stereo Times review of the dB99's even mentioned the use of the big 500wpc Spectron MII.

I'd agree with Tireguy, the 99's seem to be a magic match with tubes.

An attachable ribbon supertweeter module will at some point be available for the 99's that will propel this speaker to even greater sonic heights. A small scale/poor man's VR 9 if you will, that should be dynamite!

Thanks for the feedback guys. I will continue to monitor feedback on this speaker (along with their newly released VR4SR), as I plan on upgrading my present B&W N805 speakers later this year.
The new SR's sounded fabulous at the show. I lived with and am therefore intimately familiar with( no Tim, not in that way) the Jr's for 8 mo's while awaiting the 9's. They are excellent and a huge bang for the buck. I thought the SR's took what the Jr's do to a new level. More refined, greater ease of presentation and better bass. Very, very nice sounding, and at 8K, for what they do, another great bang for the buck. And they are beautiful looking. The Jr's at the show sounded as expected, better than they should. The dB 99's were good also, but I don't think they were set up optimally and ergo didn't sound as good as they could have. I've heard them elsewhere sound much better and know what they are capable of. The 9's and 11's were stunning.
Mes,,, totally agree with your assessment of the 99's at CES (and the 4sr's of course). I've used the VAC Avatar with the 99's and have been mesmorized by the sound of both.

I heard your VR9's at The Show. Did you ONLY get one pair?

Best of Show IMHO! Congratulations,,,, I'm envious,, in a good way!

Mark- you should be honored they named a speaker after you :o)
Are there any pictures of these new speakers online? I know it's early and the show room conditions are probably not optimal, but can someone compare the VR-4Sr to the Jr?
They named a speaker "The Wad"?!? I am honored.
Here is a link to a picture of the VR-4sr.
I heard all these as well at THE Show in Vegas...

The DB99s powered by Consonance (Opera Audio) electronics and CD Player were absolutely *amazing*. The synergy was fabulous, and offered tremendous value for the money.

Quite frankly, the entire Consonance 2 room setup was amazing. Their new Erik-1 standmount speakers listing for $995/pr. were particularly impressive. I couldn't believe what $995 can buy nowadays... Bottom line, I bought a Consonnace CD-120 while there (it was the front-end to the Erik-1 setup)... I am a new Consonance convert. :-)

The VR-9s were the best speakers at the show (cost no object) in my opinion. Very tight bass, and just incredible realism. I wouldn't want those huge robotic looking things in *my* house, but I will be happy to go anywhere to listen to them. :-)

The one set of VS speakers I was not as impressed with were the VR-Srs... That is not to say that I disliked their sound... not at all. I just felt that they were not up to the sound I heard with the DB99s (the VR-9s don't count as they are much more pricey). Maybe the synergy was not there with the electronics driving them. I will have to give them another listen later on to see if that was it...

For me, the DB99s, powered by Consonance were the best combination of value and quality sound at the show (the Tyler Woodmeres, powered by Jolida were a close second).

Dear fellows,

I need some advice and opinions.

For those who have heard the two speakers : VR4 SR and VR5 HSE. Which one has a better performance - gives a closer presentation of live music?
Are the new 4 snr's made in China??

If so why are they so expensive, besides great profit margin?
VR-4SR's cabinets are fashioned in China, but the assembly is done at the VSA factory in CA.
I spoke with quest for sound about a week and a half ago and they said that the supper tweeter for the db99 is now available.
I had heard a while ago that the super tweeter might be an add-on for the VR4jr's. Anyone know if that is in fact true?