New Visitor Confused Over Upgrade

I found this website hoping to compare technical specifications between my Carver receiver and a newer model by Bang & Olufson. As the quoted total harmonic distortion and signal to noise ratio of the Carver is very low, I didn't think that new equipment would add any discernible benefit, at least not enough to justify the considerable difference in price. I am finding a lot of your posts more confusing than informative. As a professional person (not to brag but I make six figures) who has completed post graduate level correspondance courses in EE and knows how to solder, a lot of your posts about tube amps (obselete!) and wires (commodity?) etc. just don't really make sense. In addition to the Carver, I am using a Sony Disc Jockey and I have JBl speakers which are very accurate (used as monitors in many recording studios) and very revealing about associated components. You guys should really learn a little more about how electronics really work before posting such definitive opinions which could mislead new people looking for guidance.
$9,999.99 is also six figures. How's that for technical specifications?
You can have your ears irrigated by any competent physician. As for knowing how electronics "work", I or for that matter, just about anyone associated with this board could probably tell you that one's relative of engineering knowledge or any associated degrees does absolutely nothing to help discern how something "sounds". BTW, I am a "professional" and make "six figures", as do alot of people here. Who cares? Just what does this have to do with anything? You obviously feel you are already quite enlightened so it would appear that any questions you pose here would seem to be rhetorical in nature thus allowing you the opportunity to talk about yourself. Find another forum if this is your motive.
P.S. As far as completing post graduate (by correspondence no less)work in EE and knowing how to solder, I can paint with my toes and burp the Star Spangled Banner. So there!!!
Hey i am just a poor man. Just trying to get the best for my money. But i got to say "WAY TO GO NAIMBOY" !!!!!!!!!!
I find you confusing. EE does not equal hifi (especially in your case). JBLs sonsumer line is far from accurate. If you have the thier professional monitors, then you'll be pleased to know that they don't have a soundstage. You are proof that one can know a lot about EE, and nothing about hifi. And what does being a professional person have to do with anything? Forrest Gump made more than six figures.
1.Go have a listen at a good high-end store. Not a chain. 2. Tell them you want to hear a "reference system" Maybe even try to find some of the same components you keep hearing about but doubt their sound. 3.If you do not hear a difference, or anything worth what you would justify spending the cash for then great. You are done. Just don't knock it untill you hear some of the stuff. You may end up with TUBES even.
IS this guy serious?
What is it with all of these (this type of) threads popping up all of a sudden? Did Audiogon run an ad in the back of a "Beat me up, take me home and call me Peggy" - magazine? No offense meant if you name is Peggy by the way, it's a standard graffiti.
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Hey Peter...I'll bet ya think BOSE sounds real good too!!! P.S. Be careful... JBL's have been known to cause severe bleeding from the ear canal.
To Ohala -- actually, the new JBL LSR series of studio monitors are very accurate transducers capable of of very solid imaging and soundstaging performance. The JBL has received rave review in both TAS and Mix. Very few products have received praise from such diverse sources.
Blimey, mate. You are really off the wall. Carver is the kind of equipment we toss away. Tubes are not obsolete, but you may be if you think that an EE has any relevance to high-end audio. You have come to the right site if you are willing to learn, otherwise try: www.EE's R Us. Com
I thought it made you go blind, not deaf?
i wanted to post a derogatory comment, but thankfully my fellow Audiogoners have “taken care of business”! get the heck off the board, man!
Peter, You need to go to a high end store and listen to some tube amps. Bring your Carver unit with you and compare. Then come back here and tell us what you think.
Peter if indeed your post is sincere which at this point is suspect, you need to throw out your preconceived notions of what is obsolete, wire is a commody, what is accurate and what you think you know about how things sound based on your EE degree and take Jsbail's advice and do some serious listening at a Hi-End shop. Discovering well-reproduced audio for the first time can be an enlightening experience. It appears that to date you haven't.
Please don't bash EE's just because of this guy. I was into audiophile listening long before I became an EE. I'm not a tube guy, but I don't diss anyone for their preference, just because I prefer solid state (no tube maintenance to take away from listening time). You might try a gentler tack with this guy to show him the error of his ways. He hasn't responded since his initial post. Contrary to popular belief, EE's don't have ears removed at graduation. Thanks, Ben
Wait - you're telling folks they have alot to learn, then citing thd and s/n for your audio barometers? Hmmmmmmmm. Let me try to be helpful - go ask your questions on You are just the kind of person they are set up to help. It would be best for you to introduce yourself there in the same way as you did here, so they'll know they're corresponding with a "peer". Many of them also are professional 6 figure postgrad ee's with an audio jones. You'll get along swell. chas chas
"You guys should really learn a little more about how electronics really work before posting such definitive opinions which could mislead new people looking for guidance." First of all Ben, not everyone posts definitive opinions. But we certainly all have our own individual taste in what we are each attempting to achieve. The purpose of this forum is to trade ideas and experiences with different gear among other things. I agree, Peter doesn't need to be bashed but he does need to be educated himself before making statements like the above. The issue isn't tube vs. solid state Ben, it is the tenor of his comments which to me and many of the above shows an arrogance not to mention ignorance that is unnecessary and ironically may itself be misleading to the newbies. I don't know how long Peter has been working on his system or how important well-reproduced audio is to him. His comments didn't reveal these facts. Maybe he just feels that his system is good enough and he is not committed to find out how much better it can be by experimenting and listening instead of just measuring, which I would assume by his comments is the basis of his beliefs. So far as EE's go, I would certainly rather purchase an electronic component designed by a competent experienced EE. Most of those guys would be the first to admit that they do not understand all the dynamics that go into converting an electrical signal into realistic music and that all the measurements that could quantify the sonic differences heard have yet to be discovered. I have made this observation over the years and it gets truer each day I live, the more an individual knows about a subject, the more he/she realizes there is to learn.
Anyone who lives in the land of Quad, KEF, B&W, etc. and chooses B&O (Bong & Owfulsound) and JBL (Just Bad Loudspeakers) is beyond help. Must be the English food, what?
I remember when I knew everything, those were the days! Now I suffer with tubes and horns, pray for me I must be obsolete.
I haven't laughed this hard in a while. Thanks guys. Tube technology may be obsolete in terms of signal to noise and other meaningless crap, but they sound nice. I don't take out the spec sheets of my components and read them for enjoyment, I place a record on the platter, sit back and enjoy the music. I enjoy my obsolescence, my tubes, my analog devices. I do feel my ears are analog too.
pete, if everything about ee is already known then can we stop all r&d ?
I did not read all your reactions, just the starting shot from Peter the Brit and I tend to think that he's making this up, pulling all our legs. Pg correspondence courses in EE indeed......and his "system"? What a well thought out collection of horrors. Its nothing else but an attempt to provoke our audiophile sensibilities. This is all so curmudgeonlike and dumb, that it can hardly be real. Well done Petieboy!
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Jim, I see what you mean now and could not aggree more! We have a similar expression here in Switzerland and Pietieboy seems a point in case. (If he is real )
I also ran into a guy,beleives crown and jbl our the best because (ALL) recording studios use them,when i mentioned BOB LUDWIG at GATEWAY STUDIOS he ignored the comment.Then proccedded to tell me he,s been in the business for 30yr,s. and there the best again, so i thanked him and walked out.
Some people can,t be told a thing, so why waste your time. I think the guy who started the thread should probaly say something.By the sytems posted and mentioned on this site it,s very obvious there our a lot of six figure incomes out here.
Maybe? has the saying goes.Money only buy,s ignorance