New vinyl recorded all analog?

Does anyone have knowledge of what popular new issue vinyl are all analog i.e. Cream at Royal Albert, Dianna Krall 'Girl in the other Room', Donald Fagan's new release etc. or a way to find out?
most lp's and cd's are from the same masters. pretty hard to do two separate masters with the music business in the tank
The Steve Hoffman forum is a good place to ask this question.
Fagan is a digital freak so I'm guessing the LP of his new recording is digital. I remember his Nightfly was one of the first all digital recordings and the follow up was digital too.
new neil young: all analog and very very fine sonically.
Most of the Low albums are all analog. Several of them are recorded in an old church with natural acoustics. Can't be sure that the latest one on Subpop is all analog, but the ones on Kranky have really good sound and say 'AAA' on them.