New Vinyl - Preferred labels?

I have returned to the vinyl world recently and have about 2K old LP's that I am gradually cleaning and getting back into my music mix. I would also like to patronize the makers of new vinyl, where possible. From the experiences any of you have had, are there any labels that are considered of higher quality than others? I've heard Classic are supposed to be good quality. I recently purchased a couple of 180 gr LP's by Virgin records and was a bit disappointed. I know much of this depends on the particular remastering skills employed and music type, but just in general are there individual labels more consistent than others? Labels to avoid? Thanks in advance for your help, as always.
Groove Note does a good job on its vinyl issues. Three Blind Mice is very well done if you like small group acoustic jazz. Check with for availabilities.
I enjoy the reissues done by Sundazed.
I havn't much of the new vinyl but I've bought Tom Waits "Swordfishtrombones" pressed by Simply Vinyl 1/2speed and was realy amazed by its great performance that combines quietness of CDs and true analogue imaging and resolution.