New Vinyl

Has anyone purchased any pressings from Pete Hutchison’s Electric Recording Company? If so, what did you buy and what do you think of the quality?

I've read some articles that say Hutchison now makes what many consider the finest records on Earth. It is said he meticulously crafts reissues of jazz and classical titles (including his prized Mozart) from the 1950s and ’60s—wrapped in letter ­pressed sleeves—that sell for $350 or more. Hutchison’s outfit, the Electric Recording Co., mints no more than 300 copies of each ­album.

Are they worth the money? 

Whaaaaaaat?  $350....!!!!If he's "crafting reissues", even if one assumes he is given access to the master tape archives of the major recording companies, such as those still exist, the product cannot be any better than the source tape. The source tape is limited by how it was made, age, composition of the tape, etc.  So, no.  Not worth $350 of my money.
I believe these reissues focus on records that cost several thousands in their original form. Think of the various Kogan records on the UK columbia SAX label or the Mozart à Paris box and similar stuff. Therefore these $350 reissues, meticulously presented in facsimile fashion, might almost sound like a bargain. They are advertised as being mastered from the original tapes, using the same tube equipment as EMI were using at the time, fully restored of course. It does come across as a genuine labour of love and if these records also sound exactly the same as the originals it might actually be interesting to some audiophile collectors. But it still isn’t the real thing, so it’s a lot of money for what are still nothing more than a fancy replica. And most of these recordings were not that great to begin with, so I have been able to resist this particular temptation.

Here's a tip for Kogan collectors: some of his columbia SAX records were reissues a few years later on the second (so called semi-circle) SAX label or on the subsidiary Regal label. These use the exact same metal work as the original labels and sound identical. And they cost way less than $350.......

Looks like everything they have is sold out. Good for them. Remember, $350 is less expensive to the wealthy than $35 would be to me. 
The reason the Electric Recording Co. LP’s sellout, even though priced at $350, is because original pressings are selling for ten times that amount. The titles being released are very, very rare, and very much desired by collectors. Hence the price they fetch (supply vs. demand). Luckily, no titles I need or want. ;-)
I just came from their web site. The vast majority of their catalog is sold out. One Bach disc goes for 500 sterling. It is all mastered on old equipment and does not mention who is doing the pressing. I already have an excellent Riverside copy of "Everyone Digs Bill Evans" which I paid maybe $20 for. Why on God's Green Earth would I spend $600.
If I were rich I suppose I might try one. I'd rather get 25-30 records for the same money and expand my collection. 
They are not originals. They are reissues and will never be worth what the originals are. 
I have a couple that were given to me.  They are indeed very, very good.  However, I probably wouldn't buy them with my own money.  They're just too expensive and the titles and artists aren't in my wheel house as they say.

I think everyone should hear at least one of them though...