New versions of Vienna Mahlers, Strauss?

At the 2006 Rocky Mountains Audiofest in Denver I fell in love head-over-heels with the musicality of the Vienna Mahlers. But I have recently heard that both Mahlers and Straus have been since withdrawn, and are to be replaced by new versions. Neither the Sumiko nor the Vienna Acoustics web site have any information about these upcoming speakers. Has anyone heard any information? Rumours? Hints?
Nope. They are slated for replacement with the first one being the Strauss but the Mahler will be around for a while yet. They are first coming out with a no holds barred 20k speaker and will address the others as time goes on. The Mahlers are superb and you should not let the fact that they may be replaced in a year or 18 months
stop you from getting them. if you love them.
Thank you RealHifi, I may heed your recommendation! Please let us know more about your experiences with Mahlers.
Mahler's are great speakers. I have owned them for 5 years now and only just moved on and still missing that BIG bass sound a little.

First, they have a BIG bass, uncontrollable with almost all tube amps and just big with SS amps. they will always add a certain amount of bass to every recording from 45hz down would be my guess.
They need to be a far out into the room as possible to control the bass output.
the midrange is full and the treble a little subdued, so bad recordings will be tolerable, however you will lose a little transparancy.
The voicing of the speaker is from the uppermids/lower treble and quite laid back.
These speakers crave current and only really come alive at mid to loud volumes. They don't sound that convincing at low volumes, hence their microdynamics are not as good as there macrodynamics.
headroom is no issue and these will play til well over 105db!! very well made, made my old Von Schweikert's look like junk from Wallmart.

overall a great musical speaker.
Thank you Downunder, I would initially power the Mahlers with a pair of Rowland 7M monoblocks, to be replaced at some time possibly with a Rowland 312 or other solid state or class D amp. My listening environment consists of a loft measuring approx 17 x 18 ft with 10-12 coffered ceiling. The Mahlers would back into a half wall, 39 inches high, opening onto the home entrance on the main floor below. The open area behind the half wall has a square footage slightly higher than the loft itself. Walls are textured with the typical 'Monterey knockdown' used in Austin (TX); Ceilings are stippled; floor is carpeted with wall-to-wall berber, and I have an extremely thick 12x9 wool rug in the loft. One side wall is occupied by a wall unit with books and other thinks; A sofa sits opposite the speakers. I would say my acoustics are very controlled--sounding open but with little or no reverberation.

What speakers do you have now?? I know you also have the ref 3 and the rowland's will drive and control the mahlers very well. the listening area might be a little on the small side, however I am no expert.
Hope raquel chimes in as he has Rowland's and Mahlers.

personally I thought you probably like a little more transparent sound, however with the ref 3, you may well have enough.

cheers Shane
Hi Shane, my current speakers are a pair of Maggie IIIAds. The total area of my listening environment, including loft and open area behind it is perhaps 18 ft wide by 36 deep or so. Yes, I would love to hear Raquel's thoughts on this.

I USED to own Mahlers and Rowland amps (and now own different speakers, but still use Rowland preamplification).

Shane is right that the Mahlers will generally only work with big solid-state and that all of those big woofers require some work to eliminate boominess.

I do not know Rowland 7's well, but they will certainly have the grunt. I would recommend top-flight non-Class D amplification with real current. They sounded spectacular with Rowland Model 6's, but perhaps you would want more horsepower.

Hope this helps.
Thanks Raquel, yes the Mahlers can sound like competent 'junior achievers' with some D-class amps, e.g. Rowland 201 and 501. But on Rowland 312 they were a completely different kettle of fish. . . . outstandingly musical without a trace of bass bloat. By the way neither 201s nor 501s generated bloat. . . just not as musical as I wished.
I have heard the 201's and 501's and I agree, something is wrong with the treble with most class D amps.
I have heard the 312's are a different beast

The mahlers are a very different sound vs Maggies thou
Hi Downunder, I did not hear a problem in the 201 and 501 treble per se. That is, I was not detecting audible distortions. Rather, I did not hear all the harmonic richness I was looking for, nor was I hearing all the low level detail and microdynamics that make music come alive.

I agree. . . the Maggies 3As and the Mahlers are very different animals. . . but can both be very uniquely musical under the right circumstances.
Finally I have taken the plunge. . . retired my Maggie IIIAs and have just received a brand new pair of Mahlers. . . . and promptly started a thread to chronicle their break in process and discuss Mahler related matters. . .
See you all there!