New Version Jolida JD502P issues.

Anybody else have one of these? Why does mine (after some break-in) sound so good? What's wrong with me? Why doesn't everybody own one of these? These are nagging questions for which I have no me...besides, there aren't enough recent posts about these for my perusal needs.
When you say it sounds so good, what are you comparing it against?
One example is that it sounds great in comparison to some Conrad Johnson monoblocks another musician I know owns, and those are exactly 156 times the price of this thing. Not that it's "better" than anything in particular (although I suppose it is) but my point is more that the Jolida costs less than my cables and sounds great to me...and this is before the inevitable "endless rolling of the tubes" audio geek tradition that I shall now be sucked into. I "roll" guitar amp tubes but since you can't see them it doesn't count (they're in the back of the amp...usually). I used to live in Maine by the way. I'll be back!
Morning Wolf. Nothing wrong with you methinks. Sometimes there is good sounding equipment that won't break your wallet. Man you make a compelling argument for the JD502P from reading the previous threads on this. If I didn't have my Kavent P-3300 amp I'd consider the JD502P. There is a Jolida dealer by me too that I have to try hard not to visit to audition the JD502P.

Part of me thinks why there isn't much talk of Jolida is because of the old and ugly Jolida MD ( vs Jolida China ( fight that happened previously.
Hi Wolf, glad you are enjoying your new piece of equipment. I have heard Jolida on a couple of occasions in some mid-level systems and the brand seems to be a very good value. If it is standing its own in the same ring with CJ that is throwing some pretty heavy punches.
The lawsuit between Jolida MD and Jolida China soldiers on but since I can TALK to the Jolida MD dudes (Michael Allen, et al), they get my support. They're designing the stuff. Also, this amp is the MD modded (a great deal) version as well as the most recent incarnation of the thing, and it's simply fun burning my fingers using the "easy bias" feature. A physically involving event after all. Try burning your fingers on a non tube amp...not that easy now is it?

Sorry to invade the thread, but I just wanted to chime in as I just today took delivery of a "modded" (from Jolida)JD5T
preamp, and all the time I was waiting for it, I was expecting a good value for the dollar pre, but just after a
couple of hours with this thing, I am more blown away than
content! Wow, can this thing really sound this good for a tad
over $500?? I was using a Belles preamp before this and also
running my Emotiva XDA-1 pre/dac as a pre, and there is no comparison.
Swine thread invader! I had to look this (JD5T) up...yeah...Jolida preamps (and most of their other stuff, except the $9,000 Envoy thing) are too inexpensive to be truly cool, so you're gonna have to enjoy your new toy without the warm satisfaction and impending smirkathon (that's right...smirkathon) you can experience only by spending more money. Sad, but I'm right there with you...*sigh*...
we sell a lot of these amps. we are a dealer. this amp is hot, and every single person who has bought has been more than happy with it. I love the mellow, clear sound. put on Norah Jones and enjoy! reviews are great. we have so few complaints with what we sell it is great to sell something that is a real value. I will put a 302 or 502 up against any CJ amp. thanks for reading.
Just stuck a set of KT150s in my nearly 3 year old "factory modded" 502p, and it sounds AMAZING...a great amp that has pretty much zero publicity other than from happy owners.
Great thread Wolf! Enjoy the humor. I need to learn to inject more into my posts. As you know from another thread, I own the Jolida Fusion pre and consider it excellent. I have found the Jolida MD people to be very helpful. Have only compared it to a Audible Illusions 3A which I sold. RE my tube post, I received the Mullard tubes but have not inserted them yet, is that necessary to achieve the benefits I was hoping for?
I'm in a similar boat with the Wolf man. I've put in a matched quad of Tung Sol KT-150s in my factory modded Jolida JD-502P as well. It does run hot but sounds SO good.
My main benefit from NOS 12AT7 Mullards in the "phase inverting" roll in my amp is the entertainment value of the start-up flash. And they supposedly last a long time while sounding great or at least not making anything sound not great. Recent 150s and new Russian Gold Lion "matched everything" 12AX7s have kicked the 502p up a notch or two, whether it needed it or not. Also I don't notice the amp being that much hotter with the 150s, although the heat is focused higher up due to the size of the damn things, but it seems normal and no fires have broken out...I just have to be even more careful not to burn my knuckles when tweaking the bias.
I purchased a JD502B several years ago. I got them for a great discount, just as they were being discontinued in favor of the JD502RC's, which added a remote control. I had been enjoying a vintage Marantz 2325 receiver prior to that, and prior to _that_ a Philips receiver I bought off Cambridge SoundWorks for a couple of hundred bucks in the nineties.

Just as the Marantz made the Philips unlistenable, the Jolida in one fell swoop dragged me into the rarified air of so-called "high end audio."

Now, I don't doubt that a more expensive amp would sound even better, but, for the life of me, I am content. That amp is quite simply amazing, and a terrific bargain.
want to let you know Jolida will changing their name to JFI (J hifi) and get away from the confusion of the ongoing lawsuits that cannot be resolved across the seas. Borders. At one time the 502A model got some bad reviews dues to QA issues. A lot of improvements made since then. The 502CRC or 502P either one are really nice sounding amps. Real nice. And we sell a lot of both. What would sound real nice? a 502 and a pair of Pioneer HPM 100 speakers, or some of the older, nicer JBLs. Those vintage speakers with paper cone drivers sound nice. Those have such a relaxed sound.
Which Jolida (US MD or Chinese) is doing the name change?