New Velodyne Subs

Anyone see/hear the new Velodyne "digital drive" subs yet? (Info. available on their web site). They loook really interesting, what with digital amplifier technology and especially an on screen digital room correction / frequency adjustment capability. Any idea what the prices are? Tweeter is carrying Velodyne now (gave up REL, some good deals to be had by the way on left over REL stock), and told me they'd have them in "a few weeks..."
Very expensive, and IMHO, very good. If I could afford three, to back up my three MG1.6, I would have done it. The reason for needing three is that I think that, for good integration, the SW should be raised off the floor and play "through" the center of the screen. Also, more cone area means that the SW driver is not worked so hard, with less excursion. Small excursion/large area is consistent with the screen speaker concept.
I've had the DD-15 for around a week now and have only just started to fully explore the flexibilty it offers. Absolutely stunning performance so far though and I'm sure it'll become even more of a revelation once I've had time to really sit down and play with the set-up. There's quite a few DD owners and discussion about them on this thread:
How about the Velodyne Signature 1812 This thing houses 18 and 12 inch two way bi-amplified drivers. It retails for a cool $15,000. drool