New Vandersteens or something else?

I'm starting to think about new speakers. I've been running Vandersteen 2Ce Sig II since 2008. I love these but also know they are the weak link in my system (mostly Ayre electronics). At RMAF a few years ago, Richard Vandersteen told me he had upgraded the midrange in the 2s and that I would be pretty happy to just buy the latest iteration. Have any of you compared the original Sig II to the new version with the woven midrange (I think these came out ca. 2012)?

What about the latest 2Ce Sig II compared to the latest 3A Sig? What do you get other than more bass and an even larger monolith?

I would consider other brands but strongly prefer to stay US-made or, at least, from countries with protections for workers and the environment. If cost were no object, I would get one of the Vivid Giyas or Vandersteen 7. With a $15K budget, I would get Vivid B1s. The Vandersteen Treo (IMO, the best looking speaker Vandersteen has ever made) is almost within my budget but I'm hoping to get a worthwhile upgrade for $5K or less. Others on my short list are the Paradigm 85F (Canada) or, maybe, the Revel F206 or F208 (Indonesia). Some KEF models are interesting with the coincident tweeter/midrange but these are made in China and the Stereophile reviewer was underwhelmed with HF performance.


I would opt for a pair of Treo’s. They are a significant upgrade from the 2’s in terms of technology. There have been a few Quatro’s for sale (used) recently that weren’t much more than the Treo’s, which is significant, because you get the integrated sub. If you can find a pair with a fairy recent serial number, I think you not only will save money, but get a killer speaker.
I moved from the 3a sigs with 2w subs, to the Treo’s and a pair of 2wq subs.-All bought 2nd hand from local owners. It was a good move, in my opinion.
If you want another great US manufacturer, I would recommend Magnepan. They seem to have a similarity with Vandersteen, but require a bit more room and power to show their stuff.
vandy 7 mk2 at the summer place
have a pair of Treo CT on order for the winter place
they are fantastic and you can add Vandersteen subs later to get very close to what Quattros can do
For around $10K, you can get into the Legacy Audio Focus SE, made in Illinois.  I wouldn't spend that much dollars without hearing them.
@OP. Are you near any dealers/major cities? Even if not, I would try to make a weekend trip to listen to as many of the speaker manufacturers you are interested in, as possible. Just give the dealers a 'heads up' that you are coming so that they can accommodate you.
Audition some B&W 804 D3s (or, with your budget, some 803 D3s).
I'm breaking in some new 804s and I'm very impressed. They totally disappear and are the best for strings and vocals I've ever owned. The diamond tweeter is amazing and I'm hearing textures and timbers, on well known recordings, not heard before. I like 'em.
Vandys also one of my faves and tough to not just say move on up to Treos.  If you haven't heard them before, you might give ProAc and Joseph Audio a listen just for reference if nothing else.  To my ears they all combine fantastic imaging with great musicality.  Best of luck. 
Check out some of the British offerings. Spendor, Harbeth, ATC, etc.
Other than the KEF Blade which is beyond my budget, probably the only British speaker I would consider is something from Monitor. The reason for this is I prefer (in my budget category) aluminum drivers, with a midrange no bigger than ~5". Soft dome tweeters and fabric or paper midranges are overly prone to resonances.

But, yeah, I'll consider a Monitor Audio product.
Are you near any dealers/major cities?
I'm 90 minutes from a big city. Used to be a dealer that sold Ayre, Revel, B&W and many others. I think there is still a Vandy dealer down there.
Vandys also one of my faves and tough to not just say move on up to Treos.  If you haven't heard them before, you might give ProAc and Joseph Audio a listen just for reference if nothing else.
I've heard the non-CT Treo and loved it. I'm sure I'd be very happy but that would really push my budget as I save for retirement. Joseph is probably beyond my budget.
get a set of used Vandersteen Treos - people are always moving up to Quatros, etc. and they are not hard to find used - if worried, buy used from a dealer by mail order (I got my Maggies from a dealer all the way across the US - 3.7i - truck freight is not all that much)
call Richard, he will know what dealers have a pair of the non CT Treo in stock or on demo
my guess is they would make you a deal to be able to move to the CT
you can also see where he will be next week at dealer events in TX and FLA I believe....

he and i have a bit of a running joke about starting VanDerVan where i load a pair of everything he makes in a Sprinter van and drive around the more remote parts of tge country doing in home far he claims I am too lazy to work that hard in retirement- he is right
Monitor Audio is made in China. You said you did not want speakers made in China!
I'm not sure where you are located, but Johnny R at Audio Connection in NJ had most of the Vandersteens on display when I visited him in March while picking up my Prime.  Who knows, he may even have something used.  Worth a try, I always think of him first when looking for new audio equipment.
 How about Ryan speakers of Riverside CA.  The R620 or R630 would be under your 5k budget
A great speaker that is budget friendly for your range is a used pair of Reference 3A Grand Veena's that are on offer now for $2,500.  I've owned three different models of Reference 3A speakers and have loved them all (also started life in the high end with Vandy 2C's, and later ran some Quatro's). 

I actually was pondering snapping up these speakers as an efficient, tube friendly alternative pair for my main system, but concluded my wife would divorce me (we are down sizing, and storing a spare set of speakers.....well, it wouldn't go unnoticed!).
Monitor Audio is made in China.
Yes, I found an entire article on Soundstage about that!
How about Ryan speakers of Riverside CA.
The top-of-the-line model looks nice but is out of my budget. I can't get excited about the drivers in the more affordable models.

Reference 3A Grand Veena
I like that the new ones have a beryllium tweeter, but the midrange driver seems prone to resonances?