New Van Morrison disc

Just a note to let you all know that the new Van Morrison album is absolutely great!! It's called "Magic Time." Kind of bluesy, jazzy, great band, great songwriting. A really relaxing album to listen to, but not boring by any means. Maybe his best ever. You'll like this even f you don't like Van Morrison much. Plus it's well recorded. Get it!
I find the vinyl to have low level noise throughout.
Better than "Moondance"? Find that hard to believe.
"Astral Weeks" was damn good, too...
Better than "Moondance"? Find that hard to believe. "Astral Weeks" was damn good, too...

Thanks. You saved me the time.
I agree, Wildoats. This album is very entertaining. No need to compare...just an album I can listen to again and again.
I bought the cd thought it was great but still My favorite Van Morrison is The Healing Game Cd!!!
Let's not forget St.Dominics Preview
On first play I said okay and put it away. Played it a couple of weeks later and realized the new Van Morrison is a really grew on me. After all, Van is Van. Good stuff.
I agree with Narrod. The LP is not what I expected from a Van release. Low level noise. I have read that Van Morrison is an "analog" fan. If that is the case I wish he had paid more attention to the quality of this LP.
Content is great as with all Van Morrison music.
Every copy I've heard has this problem. Diverse Vinyl feels it is a pressing defect. The songs are quite good but don't buy it for the sound. Poor vinyl and almost certainly from a digital master. To my ears, the CD sounds better.
Better than his last two, but not in his top five.
I buy them all because I find several songs on each of his new releases to really be great, imo. Of course it's not like the old days (& who could expect it to possibly be) where every song is a timeless classic. (moondance, street choir, st. dominics, astral, etc.) I am still waiting for volume 2 of Philosopher's Stone. The "volume one" notation on the first one had me hoping, but the way he changes recording labels I guess it may never happen...

If you ever see Van live in Montreaux on Swingin' Pig label CD (bootleg) grab it, great set & sound quality, highly recommended.
What about "Tupelo Honey"? One of the best, I think.

I'm gonna pick up the new one, though. Thanks for the tip.

hey heads up Van the man fans..I just an email that the new Astral Weeks live CD & vinyl(!) is coming out Feb 24 & there is a link on amazon to a preview of "sweet thing" performance that is featured on the dvd soon to be released. check it out it is righteous........