New V-Cap copper...any listen yet???

I am going to get a new set of the new V-caps in copper foil and replace the magical tin foil. They are great in tin/teflon, can copper/teflon possibly be better???
I am waiting for a set for my mono amps to replace the tin foil V-caps. I was told that you get a little warmer sound out of the copper foil.
I just installed 4 Cutf Vcap in my Cary 211amp.The sound is for sure warmer much more musical , just pure magic to my ear.Will oder 4 more soon.
Jtran, what did they replace?
They replaced 4 TF Vcap
I know these are costly but I cant believe that more people have not tried this cap yet, I am very interested in using this cap as a bypass for mundorf supreme caps in my rogue audio m180 monos.
I'm going to try the vcap copper with russian k40 pio
Not sure of the combo as couplers

Anybody care to take a stab at how this combo may sound
Bump this back to the top. anybody compare the CuT to a PIO?
Just relplaced my teflon v-caps with the copper v-caps in two of my monoblocks. Sound is overall smoother and warmer. I would do it again
Rwoong. What monoblocks are you having?.
My amps a custom hand built, point to point wiring, no circuit boards. customs wound transformers. Takes over 200 hours to build each. The frame is hand machined, milled and drilled by hand. These are the same type amps Doug Sax of Sheffield labs uses in his playback recording studio in Los Angeles. Four Tk88's put out 140wattRMS at .005% distortion levels. Very revealing and transparent.