New/ Used speakers, 500-800 bucks CAD

Hello all,

Just got my sugden A48b back from repair. Still running the same old rotel rcd971 cd player with rega ara speakers.

I have a sony ps1 coming soon, which i may end up using as a source... (i want to see what all the talk's about...)

Although I like the Aras for what they are (punchy, tuneful), I want a more open sounding speaker which would mate well w/ my somewhat warm sugden.

My room is about 9 x 15 with the speakers on the long wall (although the room is mostly open to the kitchen, extending the width further). The room is a bit dead sounding, as well, just fyi.

I'm open to any suggestions for used speakers in the 500-800 dollar range which might fit the bill.

thanks !
Totem Rainmaker
Totem Arro (narrow floor stander)

Dynaudio Audience 42
Dynaudio 52

Silverline Audio S15

B&W 685 (new)
B&W CM1 (maybe, power hungry)

PSB T45 (new - floorstander)

Triangle Titus EX

Monitor Audio RS6 (small floor stander)
I like the Dynaudio or Silverline.
I've seen QUAD 22L2 sell within your range but typically over $900. I have a pair and I think they are a great value.
as much as i'm tempted to suggest vintage alternatives, most would be hard to find in great condition. i would tell you the regas are solid, and may be more at home on the short wall....keep the money.
Knownothing must know something because he has given you a great starting list. Heck, just a great listof speakers.
Have heard all the above except the Silverline.
The Dynaudio 52SE is also a very good speaker and is more musical than the other Dynaudios.
Tried the Arro, and although i like it for what it is, there is a certain tone to the lower registers which i do not like (probably since it's such a small driver trying to do the work). I'll definitely give the Rainmakers a listen, though...haven't heard a pair yet.

I was leaning toward MA GR10s, after hearing monitor audio's gs10 with my amp. Quite a nice combo.

As far as the quads go, i tested the 12l and, once again, did not like their tone with my amp. Perhaps they weren't broken in yet, but the Monitor Audio GS10s crushed them, in terms of openness, imo.

Regarding placing the Regas on the short wall - impossible due to room setup and limited space. I do not believe that they would open up any more than how they sound now, as i've tried a number of positions to get them to perform their best in my room. This is why i'm looking for different speakers.

re: The Silverlines - I don't know if there are any retailers in the Toronto area where I could have a listen, but i'll definitely look that up.

and, as crazy as it sounds, i've NEVER heard a Dyn. Maybe i should take a stroll down to Yorkville and have a listen down there.

Keep 'em coming, guys! Suggestions are always welcome, as there as SOOOO many speaker brands out there, i almost don't know where to start.
btw - never been a B&W fan or a PSB fan, for that matter. In both cases, i think better can be had for the money (yes, even with PSB's new line).

Anyone here use Audio Physic speakers?
I heard your Sugden with a pair of Audio Physic Yara's (I think) - small, slim floorstanders- and loved the sound.... Very nice and open - big soundstage and great tonality. I thought it was a real nice budget system. It was some time ago, so memory is a little shaky. But, I'm thinking the source was EAR CD player (another nice piece for the money).....


Pair of Silverlines available on Audiogon right now, could try and resell at little or no loss if not satisfied.

Interesting take on Quad and Totem Arro - haven't heard with your amp, but thought both would work. Just goes to show how system/room/listener dependent speaker performance can be.

Probably difficult to find Audio Physics at this price point.
KNownothing - the arro DOES mate well with the sugden, but i want a little 'more' of a speaker - one with a bit more authority, even if only a little. I do like the arro, mind you, but I'm looking for a step above, if possible.

I'm not sure why, but the quads 12l's sounded clammy to me...congested, which is why i bet they simply weren't broken in properly yet.

I like the Yara, but yes, too expensive.
Daber Audio Monitor 2's are under $1k brand new, so I'm sure they can be found new for less than $800. I would sell you mine for $650. They are amazing, and I am upgrading to the new Daber Audio SE2 which costs a bit more.
I recently came across Boston Acoustic A26 on a tube set up and was intoxicated by the smooth but very spacious sound....with nimble, fluid bass and open midrange...for the record...have owned Quad 12s and MA silver 4s...the A26 are a steal at 400 with grest build
400 usd
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