New used processor to replace Classe' SSP-75???

I think im done with my Classe' processor. Im looking for something that is more for music as opposed to video switching ect, with emphasis on 2 channel stereo listening (bypass). Needs to be XLR capable. Something easier to use/setup would be great. I just havent had good luck with the last couple Classe' components Ive had and I dont want to ship it to Canada so they can "take a look". Id like to spend around a grand give or take. My setup consists of Paradigm Reference, Esoteric DV-50s, Theta Dreadnaught, Kimber thruout. Thanks for the help!
Are you looking for HDMI switching or not? If HDMI is not an important factor here, I don't see any processors out there that can top Proceed AVP2 for 2-channel music, read the reviews on this piece, you won't be disappointed trust me. It has XLR for L+R+C channels.
I dont need any video switching. I was considering downsizing to the Classe' SSP-25 but like i said, ive been questioning Classe' components lately.
Right now my considerations are;

Parasound C-2
Anthem AVM
Proceed AVP-2
Classe' ssp-25 or ssp-50 if i can find one

I have an EAD Theatermaster Signature 8 modified by Greg Palma at Noble Electronics in Fairfield, Iowa. I sent him a used TM Encore and he added 8 analogue pass through inputs as well as other modifications. The sound is outstanding in 2 channel or 5, I don't use the other two inputs. I don't have balanced, but he will add them if you want. I spent about $500 on the encore on A'gon, and sent it to Noble for the upgrades and mods. I spent about 1200 on these, for a total investment of about $1700. I now have all the prepro I'll ever want. I use the DAC for CD's with my Denon 1650AR as a transport. I use it for vinyl as well. I have a letter with all the upgrades listed.