new usb dac for Jeff rowland Capri and 201s

My main system is a MCintosh C2300, MC2102 with Modwright transporter. I just put the Rowland system together with Cardas Golden reference cables and am looking for ideas for a new dac. I have researched the Metrum Octave, schiit grungir and Esoteric. Dollar wise upto $2000 on the used market. I am also open to other dacs
Erictye, Rowland has just released a $450 internal DAC card for the new Capri S2... I will ask them if the card is also compatible with the original Capri. 
Apologies Erictye, I just checked with Rowland... The DAC card is compatible only with the new Capri Series 2. Capri S2 has been designed in partnership with Holm Acoustics, and retails for $4400 when preconfigured with the DAC card. G.