new USB cable shuts down the computer

Has anyone had this issue? I have several ways to play digital files, but one system is giving me trouble today. I am using a Macbook Pro tethered to a Berkeley Audio Alpha USB interface...the Alpha is connected to a Burson HD160 DAC/Amp. Up until today, I used an Audioquest Cinnamon USB cable. Today I came home with a Cardas Clear USB cable and replaced the Audioquest (which is going to my office).
Here's the issue: The Cardas cable shut down the laptop!! It would not work. I tried several plug in sequences, but none worked. The Audioquest worked fine, so I decided I had a "bad cable" and went back to the shop for a replacement.
I just got the new Cardas cable in place....and.....POP. It shuts the computer down again!!!
A search online has been unproductive. Can anyone shed some light on this??? It's driving me crazy to not know what the reason might be...
virus in usb cable
weird, i have a cardas clear and a macbook...mine works fine...must be a bad cable or a bad connector...peek on both ends and see if something is shorting the contracts...
Cardas might have had a batch of that particular cable that was wired wrong. It does happen. Call Cardas and inquire.
never heard that happen with any other usb non-cardas for some reason. i thought that cardas does everything hand-built, but probably it's just another monster only for more money.
My audio store wrote back and said they had a bad batch, but one tested perfectly.
I had a bad experience with an old Cardas interconnect years ago. I'm not sure this is good marketing for them. I'm going to end up driving to the store three times to get this one cable right.