New Upgrade Kit from Zu for the Druids

New Upgrade Kit from Zu for the Druids is available. See the ebsite for info

I just installed mine, very easy took just over 1/2 hour to complete.

Initial impressions: cleaner, more detailed and a little fuller bass.
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Were these the Druids you bought in 2002? So you were upgrading from the original model? Just trying to get some idea of how big a leap you made. I have Mk4s, so I'm thinking the difference might not be as big.

Saw this, pretty cool.. nice with a video DVD coming with it for real un-questionable perfect installation of the upgrades.

The upgrade was on a set of MK 4 that I had for @ 2 years. Difference was not subtile. I really enjoyed them the way they were, but is seems like everything is clearer and more detailed. Bass is more controlled. IMHO The price after the rebate, is more than reasonable for a performance upgrade of this level.

I want to repeat that this was a very easy upgrade to perform. I had the first kit with no instructions, and it only took @ 1/2 hour total.

The older set of Druids are in use by my in-laws, and are not able to be upgraded due to the older style tweeter, as it is a different sized cut out.
Ton, glad you like your upgraded Druids. I am going for the new kit and yours is the only thing I can find talking about it.

I understand the new drivers & tweeters are NOT the same as ones used in the Definition's & Presence.

Also, good to see they have burn-in time on them from Zu. Did they need any further settling-in, or speaker re-positioning as a result of the changes eg bass control height?

Just got my upgrade kit and don't have much listening time on them yet but my thoughts mirror Ton1313 installation and sound. Well worth it!