New upgrade for Audio Magic Stealth

Hey all. Thought I'd let you know about my experience with the latest Audio Magic upgrade. I have an old B Stealth conditioner, which has 2 duplexes each for digital and analog on separate circuits. I've always been very happy with it. I ran into Jerry recently at the Rocky Mountain Audio fest. We started talking and getting caught up since I hadn't seen him in a while, and he proudly showed me some of his latest conditioners, like the Trancendence with the filter matching or some such in it. We started talking about my unit, and he said he could do some upgrades to it that would make a huge difference, mostly sticking these new Quantum Physics noise disrupters in it. Jerry has never steered me wrong, so last week I gave him the unit and told him to make the upgrades.

After a week's worth of listening, I can only say WOW!!! I'm noticing much finer detail, and an expanded, wider and deeper soundstage. My speakers are Martin Logans, which I adore, even though they are very directional. What my husband noticed with the upgrade was that he was able to hear the soundstage much clearer and get most of the detail you get in the sweetspot when he was sitting in a different part of the room. The noise disrupters are a passive device, and I don't know how they work exactly, but the results were very impressive. I've also got a couple of the bigger noise disrupters on my amp; they don't make as big a difference in my system there, but they do work very well on the CD changer and the DVD player. Putting them inside the components is probably best though. Jerry's got some smaller ones you can buy if you want to open up your players and start tweaking them. If you haven't sent your Stealths to him yet to have the noise disrupter upgrade done, I HIGHLY recommend it. For such an inexpensive upgrade it made a huge difference.

Happy Audio.
Very interesting thanks for sharing.
Well I'm against the grain here, (no pun) . I have 2 of the older 3 duplex models. Around last Xmas I bought his new Stealth XXX. I went crazy for a while. After 3 weeks of 24/7 burnin I could hear no dif. I pulled it out of the chain.--My ears said "No Dif". I then put it back in--then out 5xs-- Results were the same. Over the phone he sug. returning my older pieces. --I have 2 of them--- With my recent experience with the XXX I passed on the upgrade. I sold the XXX and bought the Adept Response; That I knew right away.(( Your Mileage May Be Different))
Avguygeorge, I'd be interested in reading your impressions of the Audience Response.

So do you still like the Stealth?

Seems there is not so much interest in power conditioners any more.